John Facenda, Voice of NFL Films, Did Soccer Too

Remembering John Facenda: He died September 26, 1984, 18 years ago. This post is dedicated to Facenda, who many may not realize narrated soccer too.

Jack Clark is not impressed with the Cardinals’ lack of effort, dirty underpants

Jack Clark stepped out of the tanning bed and went on a rant, saying that the St. Louis Cardinals are playing with “poopy in their pants and skid marks in their britches.” Listen to the audio of Clark’s rant here.

Frank Thomas to Replace Steve Stone as Color Analyst This Weekend

KVB is excited that “Stone Pony” will be leaving the White Sox booth this weekend; not because he doesn’t like Steve Stone, but because of who his replacement will be.

Chris Berman: The Fastest Index Finger in Football

Chris Berman was not pleased that ESPN cut back to he, TJ, and the rest of the crew while the service men and women were being honored last night. Luckily for us all, Jimmy Traina captured the video:

Another Sports Show Blooper: Tony, Can You Hear Me? Tony?

As you know, we enjoy a good sports show blooper here at MSF, so we thank Dash over at Deadspin for finding this gem of a Tony Romo “interview” by a young, aspiring sports anchor at Romo’s alma mater Eastern Illinois.

Gus Johnson’s Greatest YouTube Moments & NCAA Tournament Announcing Schedule

This post highlights the five greatest videos of Gus Johnson going nuts during March Madness, as well as Gus’ first round announcing schedule for the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

Epic Battle: The Two Worst Sportscasts of All Time

Brian Collins and Matt Lorch hosted two of the worst sportscasts in the history of the broadcasting: the infamous “Boom Goes the Dynamite” and the underrated (for its ineptitude) “Lorchcast”. Which of these epically bad sportscasts was worse?

Chris Berman May Leave ESPN…but He’ll Never Escape YouTube

Reports broke yesterday that Chris Berman may leave ESPN for the NFL Network of Direct TV. We decided to take this opportunity to run down his greatest hits on a network he will never leave: YouTube.

Peter Gammons Leaving ESPN

Word broke today that Peter Gammons, one the most profound, recognizable, and experienced baseball voices ever, is leaving ESPN:

Steve Phillips Just the Tip of a Large, Sordid ESPN Iceberg? (Updated)

If I were an ESPN exec or employee, and I read the latest post by Daulerio over at Deadspin, I’d be shaking in my boots a little right now.

It’s About Time: Erin Andrews Peephole Perv Arrested

Great news from the sports world late tonight: the peephole perv who videotaped Erin Andrews in her hotel room, and then released the videos online, has been arrested.

What Is Wrong With Matt Vasgersian? Seriously?

Even Mitch Williams is wondering what Vasgersian’s deal is after the MLB Network studio host lost all sense of tact last night wondering aloud if an EMT was Donovan McNabb after Brad Hawpe was hit with a baseball and laid motionless on the field.

Does that guy on the left look anything like Donovan McNabb to you?

LOTD: NFL Network Coverage of 2009 NFL Draft Has Been Informative, Entertaining, Outstanding

MSF offers an analysis and comparison of the 2009 NFL Draft coverage of the NFL Network and ESPN, and comes to the easy conclusion that the NFL Network was far better. Not to mention, the “big head” feature of the NFLN is perfectly hilarious.

Disappointing NFL News: John Madden Retires From Broadcasting

MSF pays homage to John Madden and offers up some memorable Madden videos for your viewing enjoyment, including: Frank Caliedo, Madden drawing a penis, Madden’s love for Brett Favre and the term “bootleg”, and one more Madden “Boom!” just for old time’s sake.

Gus Johnson Madness: One of the True Highlights of March Madness

Gus Johnson Madness always provides some of the most memorable March Madness moments. See classic Gus Johnson videos, plus his announcing schedule for the first and second rounds of the 2009 NCAA Tournament — and, was Gus Johnson detained in Memphis?