Top 10 Best Sports Music Themes

With the expansion of sports television coverage, each TV network has aimed to make its broadcast presentation the best and most memorable in the business by creating theme music for each sport. Here is a list of the top 10 sports theme songs in recent memory.

Rob Parker’s Racist Comments About RG3 Stoop ESPN’s First Take To New Low

I don’t usually watch “ESPN First Take.” However, I’ve never had a real problem with what they do every morning. But the wonderful Rob Parker said something today that I just simply could not avoid getting angry about (surprise surprise).

Video: Wingo, Schlereth, and Bruschi Cram 17 ‘Princess Bride’ References Into a Half-Hour of NFL Kickoff

ESPN’s Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, and Teddy Bruschi had some fun on Friday’s NFL Kickoff, finding creative ways to incorporate references to the 1987 classic The Princess Bride into their analysis.

Celebrating 10 Years of ESPN’s Around the Horn…The Best Show on Television

On Friday, Around the Horn celebrated its 10th anniversary with an epic 30-minute episode. If you missed it, watch it, because it’s a great tribute to the best show television has to offer.

Review: Thursday Night Football on

For those who may not have access to Thursday Night NFL games on cable (NFL Network), on Thursday nights is a pretty good option on the internet to enjoy the game.

L.A. Lakers, Galaxy Come Together for TWC Deal

Television contracts are the main source of income for any pro sports team. In Los Angeles, two of the most popular teams are being matched together for broadcast purposes.

John Facenda, Voice of NFL Films, Did Soccer Too

Remembering John Facenda: He died September 26, 1984, 18 years ago. This post is dedicated to Facenda, who many may not realize narrated soccer too.

Video: ESPN’s New “This Is SportsCenter” Commercial With John Clayton Is…Awesome

Despite the constant criticism it receives from blogs, there are still many things ESPN does well. The “This Is SportsCenter” commercial series certainly has been a consistent feather in the cap of the network for a long time. And so it continues.

Proof ESPN Is Having Trouble Finding Newsworthy Content

I don’t loathe ESPN’s tendency to manufacture news to fill airtime as much as most of the residents of the sports blogosphere, but it’s hard to take the Worldwide Leader seriously when you see stuff like this.

Skip Bayless Inspires Incredible FOX Sports Feature Image and My Favorite Twitter Exchange of All-Time

Skip Bayless’ idiotic comments about Derek Jeter and PEDs inspired not only an incredible feature image and article from FOX Sports, but also my favorite personal Twitter exchange of all-time.

Skip Bayless Sinks Even Lower By Saying It’s ‘Human Nature’ for Sports Fans to Cheer Along Racial Lines

I didn’t think it was possible, but I was wrong. My opinion of Skip Bayless has somehow sunk even lower. Not surprisingly, it’s because of something moronic he said.

Mark Cuban Annihilating Skip Bayless on First Take Was So Good, It Deserves a Second Post

Did anyone else watch the video Jerod posted of Mark Cuban obliterating Skip Bayless Friday morning on ESPN2? Wow. It was so good I had to post about it too and break down the great points Cuban made.

Video: Mark Cuban Destroys Skip Bayless on First Take

The only video involving Skip Bayless worth watching is when someone who can speak with intelligence about sports takes Bayless to the sports debate woodshed. That is exactly what Mark Cuban did today.

Book Review: Don’t Put Me In, Coach by Mark Titus

Steve Kubitza reviews Mark Titus’ Don’t Put Me In, Coach, a humorous book about his life as a benchwarmer at The Ohio State University.

John Carroll, NBA Scout and Ex-Head Coach, Caught Plagiarizing From Message Boards

John Carroll, an NBA scout for ESPN (Scouts Inc.), was caught red-handed by Deadspin plagiarizing from when giving his preview of the Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs Western Conference Semi-Finals series.