All-Time Super Bowl Wins and New York Giants, New England Patriots Super Bowl Records

As we prepare for Super Bowl 46, you may be wondering what is at stake for the New England Patriots and New York Giants in terms of all-time franchise Super Bowl wins. And the answer is that there is a lot at stake, even beyond just winning the Super Bowl.

46 Trivial Facts About the Super Bowl (Including The Most Interesting Fact of All-Time)

While we all wait for Super Bowl 46, here are 46 trivial facts about the history of the Super Bowl, including the most interesting Super Bowl fact of all-time at the end.

Super Bowl Quarterbacks Special: Every Super Bowl QB Matchup Ranked 1-46

This year’s Super Bowl quarterbacks are Tom Brady and Eli Manning, and with their four combined rings, it is a great one. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the most highly anticipated QB matchups in Super Bowl history. But where does it rank all time? Chris Callaway has an answer. (Hint: it’s top 10.)

New England Patriots Super Bowl History: Record, Results, and MVPs

After struggling for most of its existence as a franchise, the New England Patriots’ fortunes have changed greatly over the last decade. This post details the complete Super Bowl history of the Patriots, including their record, game-by-game results, MVPs, and more.

The 13 Best Super Bowl Plays of All-Time

The Sports Muse presents the Super Bowl’s “truly elite” plays, the top 2/10 of 1% of all plays ever run in a Super Bowl. The cream of the crop, the top of the heap, the best 13 plays in the history of the Super Bowl.

Most Super Bowl Wins and Team Super Bowl Records

In this post, we give you a table that lists the teams in order of most Super Bowl wins and then goes in reverse order of the losingest teams in Super Bowl history. Additionally, you can see the all-time team Super Bowl records for each organization that has participated in at least one.