Let the Crowd, and Not a Hired Performer, Sing the National Anthem

Yesterday, while Americans celebrated the 238th anniversary of our independence, hundreds of millions of people elsewhere in the world (and here too) celebrated the beginning of quarterfinal play at the FIFA World Cup. After a three-day break the world’s biggest sporting event resumed at Noon Eastern with the national anthems of France and Germany.

How I fell in love with sports…again

Because of the generosity of Ball State alums Jason Whitlock, Brady Hoke and the athletic department, Ball State was able to send 240 students to Wednesday’s game against conference rival Northern Illinois. I happened to be one of the lucky 240.

NFL Halloween Special: The League’s 7 Scariest People, Places, and Things

With it being Halloween today, I’ve decided to come with a list of the scariest aspects of the NFL and all things associated with the game, teams, and fans.

Is This The Most Disingenuous Commercial in Sports History?

In light of what we’ve learned about Lance Armstrong over these past several months, plus the recent accusations that Nike paid $500,000 to cover up a failed Armstrong drug test, I’d say this ad is fairly in the running for Most Disingenuous Commercial…ever.

The 3 Worst Team Names in Professional Sports

I would guess that most fans often overlook the meaning of their favorite team’s name. I know I do. So when I decided to really look into the meaning and nature of team names, I found some to be plain stupid, silly, and even offensive.

Videos: Aaron Rodgers and a Ford Truck is Perfection

What’s better than having the NFL MVP as the quarterback on your favorite team? What’s better is watching one of your favorite players star in a commercial for one of your favorite consumer products.

Video: 90 Seconds of Inspiration With Russell Wilson

Here is a video a friend sent that provides a small window into the thinking and determination Russell Wilson possesses, which has allowed him to overcome seeming deficiencies to just keep producing and winning.

Fun With Facebook Recommended Pages: Michael Jordan versus God

I was just on Facebook conducting official work business (PROCRASTINATING) for a few minutes and happened to glance over to the right hand side of my feed. In the “Recommended Pages” section I saw this…and laughed.

Video: Cheese Rolling Is My New Favorite Sport

I just stumbled upon this video over at Reddit after seeing the title “A noble sport that deserves more attention.” Needless to say, I did not get what I expected.

Video: Angelo Sharpless Delivers One of the Best In-Game Dunks You’ll Ever See

DII basketball player Angelo Sharpless is going to become an Internet superstar because of this dunk, which is easily one of the most jaw-dropping and impressive in-game dunks I’ve ever seen.

Video of the Day: Bull Shark Devours Fish on Woman’s Hook

The famous line from Jaws is, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” In this case, apparently they’re gonna need a bigger dock.

So, the White Sox ‘Beer Vendor’ Bobblehead looks a lot like …

On August 4th, the first 20,000 fans 21 or over to arrive at U.S. Cellular Field for the White Sox-Angels game will receive a Beer Vendor Bobblehead…that looks a lot like someone from a different sport.

Jerry Sanduksy Should Never Be Called ‘Coach’ Again

During his testimony at the Jerry Sandusky trial, Mike McQueary referenced Sandusky as ‘Coach Sandusky.’ He shouldn’t anymore. No one should.

Video: Rugby Player Nicknamed “The Beast” Lives Up To Moniker With Incredible Feat of Strength

Watch as a rugby player nicknamed “The Beast” displays an incredible level of strength…as Brady Quinn looks on?

Video: “From Love to Bingo” (The Coolest Short Video You’ll See All Day)

This is an add for Getty stock images. It has nothing to do with sports. It is, however, awesome. So enjoy anyway.