Let the Crowd, and Not a Hired Performer, Sing the National Anthem

Yesterday, while Americans celebrated the 238th anniversary of our independence, hundreds of millions of people elsewhere in the world (and here too) celebrated the beginning of quarterfinal play at the FIFA World Cup. After a three-day break the world’s biggest sporting event resumed at Noon Eastern with the national anthems of France and Germany.

Steve Gleason interviews Pearl Jam in emotional ESPN Segment

Music and sports don’t often find themselves together, but when they do it’s beautiful.

Steve Gleason was a safety for the New Orleans Saints, known mostly for his blocked punt in 2006 that was used as a symbol for the resurgence of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. In 2011 he was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Video: Was This the Greatest Live Rock Music Performance Ever?

What does it take to be called the greatest live performance of one song ever performed? Heart certainly entered the discussion with their cover of Stairway To Heaven at the Kennedy Center Honors award show.

10 Best Conor Oberst Songs Not From Bright Eyes [Videos]

A little over a year ago Tyler Juranovich gave his top 10 favorite Conor Oberst songs, but it didn’t showcase Oberst’s versatility and changing lyrical writing style of the later 2000s. So here’s a new list excluding all Bright Eyes songs.

The 5 Most Deserving Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Acts

The Super Bowl Halftime Show every year becomes more notable. Fans wonder who will it be months in advance. Here are five suggestions for who should play the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

Sports or Music? The Importance of Both, The Need for One

There have been very few things that have meant more to me, and had as big as an impact in my life, as music and sports. So when Jerod asked me last week which one I would get rid of if I had to choose, it was a question that I couldn’t answer without it being personal.

Poll: Which Version of Toto’s Classic ‘Africa’ Is Your Favorite?

Since today is clearly a day for covering hard-hitting and essential sports news stories, I am now going to allow you to vote on which version of Toto’s “Africa” is your favorite.

MSF’s Official NBA Finals 2012 Playlist (and Preview)

Jerod felt like creating a new playlist and had yet to file an NBA Finals preview or prediction, so he decided to do both in one fun post.

Song Parody: “The Kobe That We Used To Know” by Kobye

I give two thumbs up to the pasty gentleman in this video, “Kobye” I guess he’d like to be called, for reworking the Gotye song into a clever postmortem on the recently completed season for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Video: Eddie Vedder and Chris Chelios Sing “The Weight” in Chicago Bar While Kerry Wood Offers Support

Sunday night Kerry Wood was seen with Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder and former Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wing defenseman Chris Chelios at Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap in Chicago where Vedder and Chelios sung karaoke while Wood stood in the background and gave support.

Music Madness: ‘Sweet 16 Songs For Spring’ Playlist

Even during March I like to step away from sports for a bit to sip a little chicken soup into my blogging soul. As long-time readers of MSF know, I do this through music. So here is my gift to myself and to you: 16 new songs that comprise a wonderful springtime listen.

Poignant ‘Peyton Manning Farewell Song’ reflects mood of Indianapolis Colts fans

When I saw the title – “Peyton Manning Farewell Song” – I have to admit that I thought this would suck, as they often do. But not this one. Frankly, I think it sums up the plaintive, melancholy yet appreciative and nostalgic mood of Colts fan on this strange, strange day about as well as any video and song could.

MSF Interview With Nicholas Gerlach of The Twin Cats

Longtime MSF contributor Nicholas Gerlach plays saxophone for The Twin Cats, who recently served as the house band for SportsNation during Super Bowl Week in Indianapolis. Jerod interviews Nick to learn a little more about the experience and what’s next for the band.

Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Pearl Jam, Performs “Jeremy (Lin)”

Jimmy Fallon joined the “Linsanity” craze last night in his show by spoofing Pearl Jam’s legendary hit song “Jeremy”…with a Jeremy Lin twist.

Whitney Houston Has Died, Leaving Behind Complex But Incredible Legacy Highlighted By These 11 #1 Singles

Whitney Houston died today at the age of 48. Like fellow 80s superstar Michael Jackson, Houston leaves behind a legacy that is both complex and incredible. In this post, Jerod takes a look at Whitney’s complex legacy and pays his own personal tribute to a voice he grew up loving that, like so many others, left us far too soon.