Photo Story: ‘Celtic Chide’ starring Kevin Garnett & Tim Duncan

Earlier today, we learned that Tim Duncan apparently hates Kevin Garnett. Why should we wait and hope for an on-court meeting between Garnett and Duncan when we can fantasize about how one might go in a photo story?

Photo Story: “Valentine’s Day” Starring Ted Valentine

No one loves Ted Valentine like Ted Valentine loves Ted Valentine, which is why Valentine’s Day must be even more special to him than it is for the rest of us. Jerod thought about this when he woke up this morning (who knows why), and his inspired his latest photo story.

Photo Story: “Player/Coach” starring Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay with special guest Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel’s name has been bandied about as the next Colts head coach, but why not Peyton Manning as player/coach? As absurd as the idea sounds (and is), is it any more absurd than Manning attempting to operate under the ultra-conservative direction of Tressel? These thoughts, and a few choice photos of lovably eccentric Colts owner Jim Irsay, coalesced into our latest photo story.

Photo Story: ‘No Respect’ starring Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh, and special guest Rodney Dangerfield

For our latest photo story Jerod decided to analyze Joe Flacco’s pervasive feelings of disrespect, as well as what effect the sharp drop in completion percentage Flacco has experienced this year (the lowest of his career) may secretly have had on his teammates and coaches, whose undying support of Flacco has always seemed just a too too effusive, without Flacco really earning it.

Photo Story: ‘The Fear of God’ starring Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and special guest Tim Tebow

The Patriots have all the pressure when Denver comes to town this weekend. Couple that with the unpredictability and versatility of a Denver offense that can know pick up 30+ yard chunks in clutch moments, and you can bet that Tebow and the Broncos have put the proverbial “fear of god” into the Patriots. And that is the subject of today’s photo story.

Photo Story: “Sucks For Luck” starring Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and with special musical guest Jim Irsay

Outside of Tim Tebow, the two players most discussed this season by NFL pundits and fans alike – Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning – have combined to take zero NFL snaps through 8 weeks. And their futures are becoming more and more entwined as the Colts get closer and closer to having the first pick in next April’s draft.

Photo Story: “Bust Buddies” with Philip Rivers & Chris Johnson

Based on where they were drafted and the production owners were expecting of them, there have been no two bigger non-injury busts in fantasy football this season than Philip Rivers and Chris Johnson. They are the stars of our latest photo story: “Bust Buddies”

Photo Story: Tim Almighty – Starring Tim Tebow and God

Tim Tebow transcends sport and region into being a national topic of conversation, which is why everyone has an opinion on Tebow’s current situation with the Denver Broncos. This and more is the subject of Jerod’s latest photo story.

Photo Story: Indecent Proposal with Pete Rose & Bud Selig

Unfortunately, the insufferable Pete Rose is back in the news today after saying he wants to manage again. This new photo story imagines how a conversation about Rose managing between Pete and Bud Selig might go.

Photo Story: “One Win Hunting” – Starring Red Sox Manager Terry Francona, Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

Red Sox Nation is in full-on panic mode. Thursday evening, after lowly Cleveland completed its sweet of Boston, the two most famous Red Sox fans decided to voice with their frustrations. MSF was there and it’s all captured in our latest photo story.

Photo Story: “Ever Faithful, Ever Two” – Starring Matt Painter, Purdue Pete, and Brad Stevens of Butler

Details of the two trickiest aspects of the aftermath of Matt Painter’s announcement are included in our latest photo story: 1) how will he explain his handling of the past week; and 2) what is his plan for taking back the state from Butler.

Photo Story: “Two Angry Men” – Starring Frank Martin and William ‘Bo’ Francis Ryan

Frank Martin and Bo Ryan are renowned as two of the most expressive coaches in all of college basketball. Their teams meet up tomorrow night in the NCAA Tournament, and we caught up with them on the eve of their battle.

Photo Story: “The Truce” – Starring Jalen Rose, Grant Hill and Mike Krzyzewski

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski recently decided to confront Jalen Rose about comments that upset Grant Hill and other former Duke players. The discussion led to a burying of the hatchet. Don’t believe me? The photographic evidence is pretty clear.

Photo Story: Two and a Half Men – Starring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were not going to stand for Chris Bosh’s ineptitude and pansy-ass defense after last night’s Heat loss to the Chicago Bulls. They got on him immediately after the game was over, as seen in our newest photo story.

Photo Story: Requiem For An Era – Starring Purdue coach Matt Painter and Indiana coach Tom Crean

With the IU-Purdue rematch fast approaching, Indiana head coach Tom Crean and Purdue head coach Matt Painter got together to discuss the relative states of their programs. MSF was there to capture the entire conversation in photo story format.