It’s only January, but this is the best Chicago White Sox fan shirt of 2011

Kimberly, I don’t know you, but you are awesome.

Brett Keisel’s beard is even more powerful than we thought

Brett Keisel’s beard is awesome. That we all know. But I didn’t realize how awesome it was until I saw Keisel’s Wikipedia page.

Hey Coach K, why so serious?

Since the Internet has warped my mind, I had to add one more frame showing what the Crazy Eyes Cathy (my name for her) is looking at and what Coach K and his little copycat proteges (seriously guys?) Chris Collins and Wojo can’t bear to see.

A picture is worth a thousand words…as a metaphor for professional sports in Chicago

It did not take Jerod more than two seconds after seeing this image to think: that is a perfect metaphor for professional sports in Chicago. And if you do not know what role he immediately assigned to the portly pouter, you clearly do not stop by this site very often during baseball season.

Create-a-Caption: Upon further review, Brett Favre did play yesterday…

…but rather than play football, he just played with himself on the sideline.

Photo Story: Braylon Edwards Prepares for his Return to Cleveland

How is Braylon Edwards preparing for his return to Cleveland this weekend? Not surprisingly, by further alienating the fans of Cleveland. In this photo story, Jerod “welcomes” Braylon back to town on behalf of all Browns fans.

Photo Story: Roger Goodell takes on the Legends of Football

Roger Goodell is so confident and audacious in wielding the power of his office that he is now taking on some of the legends of the football who might dare to disagree with him.

The Worst Haircut of All-Time

The pictures I’m about to show you capture what is, in my completely subjective opinion, without question the worst haircut in the history of mankind.

Behold, the world’s most comfortable toilet

I don’t know about you, but looking at this picture makes me suddenly want to go to PF Changs and then catch up on the last few issues of Sports Illustrated.

The Best Sports Halloween Costume of 2010

I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is the best sports-related Halloween costume of them all. And if you argue with me, I’ll drop a claw on you.

Which Former Notre Dame “Legend” Looks Better in Purple?

Apparently the Carolina Panthers made their rookies, including QB Jimmy Clausen, dress up in stupid outfits for Halloween. The question now is: does Jimmy Clausen as a teletubby look better in purple than his former coach Charlie Weis?

Sophomoric Shirt or the NHL’s New Slogan?

On October 23rd, 2010, a man attended the Blues-Penguins game wearing a shirt that not even his own mother could love. Luckily, this man and his magnificent shirt were captured by Getty Images and then broadcast to the world via

Favre and Chilly: The Brief History of a Dysfunctional Player-Coach Relationship

Other writers and bloggers will analyze the Favre/Childress dynamic today with words, insight, and coherent thoughts. We, on the other hand, will do it with funny pictures and large typeface.

Great Moments in Sports Photography: Up Close and Personal with Tiger Woods’ Ball

This picture was taken Sunday during the Ryder Cup by aptly-named photographer Mark Pain, just seconds before Tiger Woods’ ball hit the lens of his camera.

Reason #3,211 why I love basketball

Because in no other sport is a picture or matchup of this…magnitude…possible: