The Chicago Blackhawks are your 2013 Stanley Cup champions

Waking up this morning after watching the Chicago Blackhawks score two goals in 17 seconds to defeat the Boston Bruins and win their second Stanley Cup in four season felt exactly like waking up as a kid on Christmas morning.

Chicago Blackhawks overcome odds, make Joel Quenneville smile

The wave of elation that overcame me after Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook scored the game winning goal in overtime of Game 7 against the hated Detroit Red Wings on Wednesday night could not possibly be measured.

Brian Urlacher retires as a Chicago Bear, leaves historic legacy

This morning  Brian Urlacher announced his retirement after 13 years with the Chicago Bears. The Bears decided not to re-sign  Urlacher after last season when a reasonable contract deal couldn’t be met. It was an emotional moment for the organization and its fans, but it was a decision I supported and thought necessary for the Bears to stay […]

Chicago Blackhawks ticket prices are ruining fan experience

Success in Chicago seems to have come with a price. For the fourth time in six years, the Chicago Blackhawks are raising season ticket and single-game ticket prices. As of writing this, no specific price details have been given on how much single-game tickets will rise, but you can find out the specific price details on […]

Chicago Blackhawks’ so-called “goalie controversy” is a luxury

Experts always say defense wins games, but that’s especially true in hockey. If you have goaltending, especially in the playoffs where it matters most, you will win games. That’s exactly how the eighth-seeded Los Angeles Kings completely dominated last year’s playoffs and en route to winning the Stanley Cup.

Jay Cutler Dominates in Full Beard and Ugly Sweater

There hasn’t been much news about the NFL’s greatest QB this offseason. That changed last Friday when Jay Cutler’s appeared on KFC Radio rocking a full, manly beard and a sweater that puts the one my grandma made for me at Christmas of 2006 to shame.

For Bears, Brian Urlacher’s Departure Was Necessary

I haven’t talked to many Chicago Bears fans who feel overjoyed that the Bears are parting ways with long-time middle linebacker Brian Urlacher. Yet despite any hard feelings fans may have for the decision, letting go of Urlacher was necessary for the Bears to move forward.

The Jay Cutler ‘Text Message Proposal’ Story Is Nothing But A Conspiracy To Discredit Cutler’s Dominance

A story, published by E! Online, accused the Great One of proposing to his wife, Kristin Cavallari, via text message. The story was widely disseminated throughout various “news” websites and the blogosphere. It was taken by the public as another reason to think Jay Cutler does not dominate. This nefarious conspiracy needs to end!

Chicago Bears Hire Offensive-Minded Trestman, But There’s More Work To Be Done To Improve Offense

Despite having an offensive-minded head coach to lead Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte, there’s still a few holes the Bears need to fill before they get too comfortable.

Some NHL Owners Continue To Display Disrespect For Fans

The second NHL lockout in a decade filled me with a lot of anger, bitterness, confusion, and shock … most of which will take some time to truly leave my mind. And a recent letter from the Chicago Blackhawks did nothing to speed up the healing process.

Chicago Bears 2012 Season in Review: What Went Right, What Went Wrong

I am sure there will be a lot of talk about the changes the Bears should make before next season, but now is the time to look back at the good and the bad from the just-concluded 2012 season.

The 5 Best Comments Ever Posted on the “Jay Cutler Dominates” Column

People who take the “Jay Cutler Dominates” columns seriously leave some of the funniest comments, so I’d like to share with you my favorites.

Jay Cutler’s Concussion Brings Back Bad Memories from Last Season

Sunday night, Jay Cutler got popped while attempting to make a pass near the line of scrimmage. A review ensued, and Bears fans everywhere soon suffered from scary memories of 2011.

Jay Cutler Appreciation Week: In Celebration of Jay, The Humble Dog Owner

Despite all the flak Cutler gets for supposedly being arrogant and having a bad attitude, I know he’s a good guy because he’s a dog owner.

Jay Cutler Appreciation Week: Remembering 3 of Jay’s Most Notorious Douchebag Moments

Jay Cutler’s greatest achievement as a quarterback is his consistent ability to be a douchebag every week. Here are some his best examples.