Jay Cutler Dominates in Full Beard and Ugly Sweater

There hasn’t been much news about the NFL’s greatest QB this offseason. That changed last Friday when Jay Cutler’s appeared on KFC Radio rocking a full, manly beard and a sweater that puts the one my grandma made for me at Christmas of 2006 to shame.

The Jay Cutler ‘Text Message Proposal’ Story Is Nothing But A Conspiracy To Discredit Cutler’s Dominance

A story, published by E! Online, accused the Great One of proposing to his wife, Kristin Cavallari, via text message. The story was widely disseminated throughout various “news” websites and the blogosphere. It was taken by the public as another reason to think Jay Cutler does not dominate. This nefarious conspiracy needs to end!

The 5 Best Comments Ever Posted on the “Jay Cutler Dominates” Column

People who take the “Jay Cutler Dominates” columns seriously leave some of the funniest comments, so I’d like to share with you my favorites.

Jay Cutler Appreciation Week: In Celebration of Jay, The Humble Dog Owner

Despite all the flak Cutler gets for supposedly being arrogant and having a bad attitude, I know he’s a good guy because he’s a dog owner.

Jay Cutler Appreciation Week: Remembering 3 of Jay’s Most Notorious Douchebag Moments

Jay Cutler’s greatest achievement as a quarterback is his consistent ability to be a douchebag every week. Here are some his best examples.

Jay Cutler Dominates: Cutler Delivers Inspiring ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ Performance at Wrigley Field [Video]

Yesterday the greatest QB to ever set foot on a football filed visited the historic and definitely-not-in-need-of-a -renovation Wrigley Field to throw out the first pitch and sing the classic song Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

Jay Cutler Dominates: It’s Cutler Over Rodgers as NFL’s #1 Player

The other day I got into a debate with my friends about who is the best player in the NFL. I thought the answer was simple: of course it’s Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler Dominates: Cutler’s Dog Walking Adds New Level to His Badassery

The idea of a full-grown male walking a purse-sized dog in public was once thought as completely unmanly. Not anymore, people.

Jay Cutler Dominates: A Modest Proposal For A ‘Jay Cutler Show’

If there’s a show about how awesome Tim Tebow is, like First Take on ESPN, why isn’t there one for how awesome Jay Cutler is?

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears Dominate…NFL Bounties and Gregg Williams

Bears fans first reactions to hearing that Gregg Williams put out a bounty on Jay Cutler may be one of anger towards Williams, and I don’t blame them, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Did Williams and his team (the Saints at the time) succeed in injuring Cutler? No, they did not. Who did succeed in injuring Jay Cutler? None other than the Chicago Bears themselves!

Jay Cutler Dominates: Listen up, Packers Fans. It’s not going to be all right. Jay Cutler won’t allow it.

Earlier in the week, fellow MSF writers and diehard Green Bay Packer fans, Amanda Lawson and Chris Calloway wrote an article to abate any sad feelings Packer fans might have had over their embarrassing loss to the New York Giants last weekend. All of their statements were signs of repressed acceptance that your favorite team sucks…and Jay Cutler dominates.

Jay Cutler Dominates: Despite Absence, Jay Cutler’s Dominance Lives On In Generosity, Eloquence, and Shredded Muscles

Tyler Juranovich has been documenting and showcasing Jay Cutler’s dominance for four months now, but the dominance has long preceded just the last four months.

Jay Cutler Dominates: Are You Suffering From Jay Cutler Deficiency Disorder? I Am…

After the Bears’ loss to the Seahwawks last Sunday, Tyler felt blue and decided to go to the doctors’ office to see what was wrong. The doctor said it was quite clear what he had: Jay Cutler Deficiency Disorder.

Jay Cutler Dominates: Celebrating The Many Faces And Inspiring Body Language Of Jay Cutler

This post is a tribute to all the expressions and positive body language that only Jay Cutler could display so nicely, clearly, and inspirationally.

Jay Cutler Dominates: No Really…He Does

In this week’s installment of “Jay Cutler Dominates”, Tyler ditches the humor and sarcasm to get a legitimate point across regarding Jay Cutler’s actual, underappreciated dominance.