Sports Agent Corner

Sports agent Gary Glick provides his thoughts on hot sports topics and takes us behind the scenes to see what life is really like for an agent in the sports world.

Sports Agent Corner: Gary Glick breaks down the NFL lockout

In this brief but informative Q&A, Gary breaks down the key issue causing all the strife, explains how undrafted free agents are being affected, and offers his prediction for whether regular season games will ultimately be missed.

Sports Agent Corner: UFL vs CFL, “Runners”, and the Stay-or-Go Debate

Gary Glick from Synergy Sports discusses a variety of topics with Midwest Sports Fans, including the UFL vs the CFL, the stay-or-go debate, and how runners influence the agent selection process.

Sports Agent Corner: What Draft Week Is Like for a Sports Agent

In the latest edition of the Sports Agent Corner, Dallas-based sports agent Gary Glick of Synergy Sports Inc. describes draft weekend and what happens immediately after the draft for players who do not get drafted during the 7-round NFL Draft.

Sports Agent Corner: Leigh Steinberg arrested, the NLFPA, and the Harrell-Crabtree Combo

In the third edition of the Sports Agent Corner, Dallas-based sports agent Gary Glick discuss Leigh Steinberg being arrests for public intox, the future of the NFLPA without Gene Upshaw, and the Graham Harrell-Michael Crabtree connection at Texas Tech.

Sports Agent Corner: Gary Glick on Colt McCoy Staying at Texas and Mike Sherman

Sports agent Gary Glick discusses the pro potential of Colt McCoy and the future of his beloved Texas A&M Aggies.

Sports Agent Corner | Gary Glick on Maurice Purify and the Cincinnati Bengals

In the first Sports Agenct Corner, Gary Glick discusses Maurice Purify, the Cincinnati Bengals, and other NFL issues.