NFL Ultimate Franchise Player Tourney field unveiled!!

With only 64 spots, it takes much more than a yellow jacket from Canton to make the cut, especially as an at-large entrant. Even if I were to expand the field to 128 I would be honestly still be leaving a lot of all-time greats out. Only if I were to expand to 256 I would be covering most whom are currently enshrined in Canton.

As an at-large, it would take an RPI number of about 50 or lower to realistically make the list. As is the case with the NCAA Tournament, the number 15 and 16 seeds comprise of players who would not be on the list if not being given the crown as their team’s UFP. Three of the 15 seeds would rank borderline top-100 while the 16s are ranked between 230 and 300 per Pro Football Reference.

As might be expected, quarterbacks have by far the greatest representation – comprising nearly 25 percent of the field, eight of the automatic bids and 15 players from the position overall. 19 of the overall bids and 35 players overall are from the skill positions. In all, 39 players are on offense, 25 on the defensive side of the ball.

Washington Redskins Ultimate Franchise Player

The final writing determines the Washington Redskins UFP over 80 years of franchise history. Since I decided to go with a 43-entrant field in my recent Titans/Oilers piece since Jerry Glanville dabbled with the stock cars, then I definitely got to do another list for Coach Joe Giggs – who is the Bo Jackson/two sport legend of management. Gibbs has been in the NFL Hall of Fame since 1996, I would expect him to make the NASCAR Hall as well in the near future.

And besides, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been known to ask for Redskins scores to his crew chief during races. No word on whether Robert Griffin III has ever asked for the up to the minute running order of the Helluvagood 400 during the two minute warning.

Here is my final UFP countdown, does that second defensive back get in, or do I go old, old, school…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ultimate Franchise Player

You like defense?? Then you will love our rankings of the top Tampa Bay Bucs of all time, and Warren Sapp won’t slide as far as he did in the 1995 Draft.

Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers) Ultimate Franchse Player

The final two team installments for UFP are kind of like the Big Ten Championship tipping off at 3 PM ET. The selection committee has already been hard at work determining the brackets and seedings – the final two automatic inductees are already assumed to have a place in the field regardless.

The real question will be where the second and third place finishers with our final two teams stand in terms of getting one of just 32 at-large bids out of thousands and thousands who have stepped on a NFL playing field.

Which brings us to our list of Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans greats – a field so large that we decided to do like NASCAR and let 43 drivers onto the track in honor of Jerry Glanville, who moonlighted behind the wheel during his coaching days without a lot of success.

Seattle Seahawks Ultimate Franchise Player

This team may not get love on All-Time lists, but with Largent, Walter Jones, Cortez Kennedy, and Kenny Easley, there’s a lot to choose from with the Seahawks.

San Diego Chargers Ultimate Franchise Player

The more recent installments of Ultimate Franchise Player have been getting much tougher. The San Diego Chargers may be the most daunting of all.

San Francisco 49ers Ultimate Franchise Player

We all know Montana, Rice, Young, and Lott. But there are many more greats over the years to sift through on the way to determining the 49ers best ever player.

St. Louis (Los Angeles) Rams Ultimate Franchise Player Selection

The defensive line stands out in the selection as the Rams best ever NFL player. Do we go Fearsome Foursome or a man who once played with a broken leg??

Pittsburgh Steelers Ultimate Franchise Player Selection

A 32-player bracket, 14 players already in the Hall of Fame and others sure to follow. Who is the very best of one of the NFL’s most legendary franchises?

Philadelphia Eagles Ultimate Franchise Player

Who is the baddest bird in Philadelphia Eagles history? Do we do Donovan McNabb or Reggie White? Or do we go ‘concrete’ old school?

Oakland Raiders Ultimate Franchise Player

Yes, the Oakland Raiders have helped make NFL Films compelling over the years. And the Raiders make for the most intriguing edition of all for Ultimate Franchise Player.

New York Jets Ultimate Franchise Player Selection

Who is the New York Jets best player ever?? It depends if you go with longevity and statistics, or historical impact. In the Jets’ case, the latter applies.

New York Giants Ultimate Franchise Player Selection

Who is the best player in New York Giants history. It is a much argued list all the way to number 2. Number One? That’s easy. And the first clue is that his initials are L.T.

New Orleans Saints Ultimate Franchise Player – Can Anyone Complete With Drew Brees?

In 1969, a Hollywood movie chronicled the life of fictional Saints QB Big Cat Catlin. 40+ years later, we ask who qualifies as New Orleans’ real #1?

New England Patriots Ultimate Franchise Player

Guard John Hannah was perhaps the most lethal man to ever play his position in the NFL. But is he the New England Patriots Ultimate Franchise Player?