Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl Commercial – ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness Video and Review

One of the best commercials of the night came from Samsung, who took a jab at Apple with their commercial for the Galaxy Note smartphone. Here is the ad, my thought are below:

Career Builder Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Business Trip’ Video and Review

Career Builder always has a presence during the Super Bowl, and their line of ads featuring chimpanzees have inspired many a hearty laugh over the last couple of years. This year, they stick to the same basic formula: chimps doing things people usually do will make people laugh. And they were right.

Toyota Camry Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘It’s Reinvented’ Video and Review

Wow, the car companies are really bringing it this year. Toyota joins the fray with some ideas for reinventing a few things just as they claim they have reinvented the new Camry. Here is the commercial and a review.

Teleflora Super Bowl 46 Commercial – Adriana Lima Valentine’s Night Video and Review

One of the prevailing themes of this year’s Super Bowl commercials has been sex. Teleflora’s ad was no exception with Adriana Lima starring in it. I’m still not totally sure what I’m being sold here, but I am sure that I will buy it if she is selling it.

M&Ms Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Just My Shell’ Video and Review

M&Ms cracked me up tonight with their commercial that combined candy nudity and the invigorating sounds of LMFAO. Here is the commercial that is near the top of my favorites from Super Bowl XLVI.

Chevrolet Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Best Gift Ever’ Video and Review

Another car company strikes it big with a hilarious ad. This time, it’s Chevrolet with a graduate who gets very excited about his graduation gift, only his parents can’t bear to tell him the truth.

Audi Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Vampire Party’ Video and Grade

Next up in tonight’s series of Super Bowl commercial reviews is Audi and their “Vampire Party” spot that ran during the 1st quarter. Audi isn’t known for their commercials, but I have a feeling this one will get some run over the next few weeks.

Hyundai Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘All for One’ Video and Review

Continuing with my game day reviews of Super Bowl commercials, here is one of Hyundai’s Super Bowl spots, featuring an a capella version of the Rocky theme “Gonna Fly Now.” Here is the video, commentary after the clip.

Go Daddy Super Bowl 46 Commercial – Body Paint Video

This year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial is no exception to its trend of using hot scantily-clad girls to sell domain names, as NASCAR (and former Indy car) driver Danica Patrick is back, this time with fitness expert and fellow Go Daddy spokeswoman Jillian Michaels, and this time they’re painting on a nude woman.

Doritos Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Excessive Celebration’ Video (Contest Winner)

Doritos has a contest every year to determine what commercials they will run during the Super Bowl, and this year’s winner is called “Excessive Celebration.” Here is the video, my review is below.

Budwesier Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Flash Fans’ Video

Budweiser is always a major presence during the Super Bowl, and this year is no exception. They will be running a 2-minute ad featuring two rec-league hockey teams from Ontario, Canada on Sunday evening. Check out the commercial and read my thought below.

Volkswagen Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial – ‘The Dog Strikes Back’

As our resident commercial expert, Keith has reviewed sports-related commercials here at MSF, and the Super Bowl is the ultimate in the marriage between advertising and sports.

Commercial Grade: State Farm “Discount Double Check” Ad featuring Aaron Rodgers

Sometimes – not often, mind you, but sometimes – companies get it right. Every once in a while I’ll stumble across a commercial that is some combination of funny, current, sentimental, informative and (gasp!) effective. State Farm dropped one of these on the American public a couple weeks ago.

Commercial Grade: NBA 2K12 featuring Michael Jordan, Drake and Brian Wilson

The main gimmick of NBA2K12 is the “NBA’s Greatest” mode, where one can play as any of a large group of historical teams and players. As such, the commercial released a couple weeks ago focuses on the argument of who is the greatest team ever assembled.

Commercial Grade: McDonald’s Monopoly Ad with LeBron James – Video & Analysis

Despite what Morgan Spurlock and the nutritional information says, Keith Mullett loves McDonald’s. He does not, however, love (or even like) their new commercial that features a self-deprecating LeBron James. He breaks it all down in this week’s edition of Commercial Grade.