Best 20 NCAA Basketball Title Games Ever

This weekend, for the 75th time, the NCAA will determine its National Champion in men’s basketball. Which of the previous 74 title games should be considered among the best and most memorable?

The Top 12 Dunks in Slam Dunk Contest History

To get you ready for the 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest (Saturday night on TNT), here’s a look at the 12 best dunks in the event’s history.

All 54 (Soon To Be 56) Starting Super Bowl Quarterbacks Ranked

On Super Bowl Sunday, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco will become the 55th and 56th quarterbacks to start at the ultimate position in sports on the ultimate stage in all of American sports. But how do the previous 54 rank?

What Super Bowl Champion is the Greatest Team of All-Time? Here Are All 46 Super Bowl Winners, Ranked 1-46

There are 46 teams who have won the Super Bowl, and the Lombardi Trophy is just as shiny for each. But just for fun we have decided to rank the champions, 1-46.

The Bizarro Super Bowl MVPs: 6 People Who Determined Super Bowl Outcomes … But Weren’t Properly Recognized

Here are six players who did not win the Super Bowl MVP award, but should have … in the bizarro world of this post, anyway.

The NFL’s Historic Crop of New QBs in 2012 … Ranked 1-7

The NFL is entering its golden age in the midst of the best rookie quarterback crop ever. MSF rates all seven current starters, along with a ‘red-shirt’…

The Top 7 BCS Bowl Games Ever … As Gangster Movies

The BCS takes a lot of deserved flak, so it’s easy to forget about all the exciting moments that it has actually delivered. So let’s focus on the positive and count down the top 7 BCS Bowl Games from the past 14 seasons, matching each one with a gangster movie that also delivered.

The 10 Most Memorable Bad Weather Games in Green Bay Packers History

Weather-wise, Green Bay Packers games have seen it all over the years, snow, rain, wind, and mud. Which games make our all-time top ten list?

David Stern’s 10 Most Infamous Acts As Commissioner

Fining the San Antonio Spurs is just the latest in a career of controversial moves by David Stern. Here we will count down the commissioner’s most infamous acts and decisions.

13 Sports Rules In Need of Immediate Change

The challenge flag debacle in Detroit during Thanksgiving weekend got me thinking about other rules in sports that are outdated, ineffective, unfair, or just plain stupid. What follows is a list of the most egregious examples I could think of with help from my colleagues here at MSF.

In Hindsight: 10 Seasons When The Best Football Player in America Did NOT Win The Heisman Trophy

Here’s a countdown of some of the Heisman races that voters might wish they could do over, given the benefit of years of hindsight.

‘No Shave November’ Special:
The 12 Best Sporters of Facial Hair in Sports History

Today, we honor the men who have fought the good fight and have, at one time or another, showcased some of the best facial hair in sports history.

The Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History, Part II

I still stand by my original 10 Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History, but I decided to make a second list – a sequel, if you will – to shed light on some more awful sports scenes.

The Big Ten’s 10 Most Awesome Football Player Names

Here is a list of the players I consider to have the best, most memorable names (or at least better than my name) in the conference for this season.

The 5 Most Striking MLS Hairstyles

Hair can really mean something to soccer fans. When the look is good, the player raises his level of ‘coolness’ and becomes much more well known. So who’s doing it the best right now in MLS?