Beginning Baseball

Amanda Lawson's takes readers with her and she experiences first season as a baseball fan.

Beginning Baseball: Kicking ’em while they’re down

Sitting at the bottom of the MLB, the Twins have never looked so bleak. Naturally, I keep thinking we’ve hit the bottom. It can’t get worse, right?. It might not get better, but at least I know it can’t get worse. Oh baseball, you proved me wrong once again.

Beginning Baseball: The Twins Need Change…NOW!

“It’s only the beginning of the season” is a phrase Amanda has used much too often over the past two months. As we all know, the Twins aren’t exactly having a “dream” season, and as June swiftly approaches, the reality of it all is beginning to sink in.

Beginning Baseball: Remembering Harmon Killebrew

As a new baseball fan, Amanda Lawson didn’t realize the impact Harmon Killebrew had made across the country as an icon on and off the field. This is her tribute to one of the greatest power hitters in the history of baseball.

Beginning Baseball: Remembering the Greats – The 1991 Minnesota Twins

Amanda Lawson decides to take a stroll down Twins memory lane. And perhaps no season in Twins history was as memorable as 1991.

Beginning Baseball: Baseball Statistics 101

If you’re going to learn about baseball, you need to know statistics. Of course statistics are important in other sports too, but if you really want to grasp baseball and the talent and performance level of an individual, you need to understand the numbers behind the game.

Hmmm…What’s wrong with this scene?

At the end of the 2010 season, the Minnesota Twins were at the top of the AL Central. The Indians and Royals rounded out the bottom. It’s all reversed in 2011. Something is not right.

Beginning Baseball: It’s Not Football–It’s BASEBALL!

Football has been Amanda Lawson’s “thing” since the beginning of her memory. However, it’s a completely different sport from baseball. Differentiating between the two is easily the biggest challenge she is having with baseball for two reasons.

Beginning Baseball: Rough Year to Be a Twins Fan…Or Is It?

Recently, Amanda Lawson decided to become a baseball follower. After a few weeks of research she decided that the Twins were the team to cheer for. As she’s discovering, that’s easy to say before a season starts.