Beginning Baseball

Amanda Lawson's takes readers with her and she experiences first season as a baseball fan.

Beginning Baseball: The Best Way To Cope With a Losing Season

Sixty-six games into the season and the Minnesota Twins sit 8.5 games behind the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central. There is little hope for a 2nd half charge, so Amanda Lawson has turned her attention elsewhere to find joy and meaning during the long baseball summer.

Beginning Baseball: Photo Diary of MSF Writer Shenanigans in Milwaukee

What happens when MSF writers get together for a baseball game? Amanda shares a picture diary of last weekend’s events in Milwaukee. Let the shenanigans begin!

Beginning Baseball: A Season of Lessons From the Tumbling Twins

Welcome back to another season of Beginning Baseball! Yes, Amanda is aware the season started in April, and this ‘welcome back to baseball’ is overdue. She explains her tardy arrival and how she is making sense of the Twins struggles in 2012.

Beginning Baseball: The Twins Mean Business

Yesterday was a big day for the Twins, although when it started Amanda Lawson was unsure of whether it was going to be a good one. Turns out, it was.

Beginning Baseball: The Twins and Summer Tubing

Amanda Lawson has come to the conclusion that the Twins season has been much like a tube ride behind the boat. Sound confusing? Well let her break it down for you.

Sports fans: It’s still summertime…football can wait!

July 25th was a glorious day for football fans everywhere. There will be a 2011 football season. Wooo! Yay!! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: football can wait.

Beginning Baseball: No Superstitions For Me…Yet.

When Amanda began to follow the Twins, she had no superstitions or curses to get her strung up and paranoid about the wins. Now four months later, despite evidence to the contrary, Amanda maintains her stance on superstitions in sports.

Beginning Baseball: Analyzing the Twins 2nd Half Schedule–Every Play, Every Game Counts

The Twins finally picked up some wins before the All-Star Game, but Amanda Lawson wonders: what’s next? Can the Twins even get out of 4th place, let alone contend for AL Central Division Championship and a playoff spot?

Beginning Baseball: Mystery SOLVED – Why Women Swoon Over Joe Mauer

Last night, while watching her first Twins game on TV, Amanda Lawson solved the mystery of why women swoon over Joe Mauer. Gentlemen, pay attention. This is good for you to understand.

Beginning Baseball: My First Twins Game at Target Field

Last week Amanda Lawson caught her first Minnesota Twins game at Target Field. Did it live up to expectations. Take a look!

Beginning Baseball: Three Expectations for My First Game at Target Field

Amanda Lawson has been waiting for the opportunity to watch the Twins play at home since I started following them earlier this year. In this short, light post, she highlights her expectations for this weekend’s experience.

Beginning Baseball: Breaking Down the Twins’ Biggest Rivals

As a new baseball fan, Amanda Lawson was excited to find out who the Twins’ biggest rival was. And one day there was a comment on Twitter that made her think twice about her initial perception.

Beginning Baseball: Is Joe Mauer Worth the Extra Buck?

Joe Mauer is back on the field, but after signing an eight-year contract extension with the Twins (worth $184 million) in May of 2010, chatter has developed about whether the organization invested their money wisely.

Beginning Baseball: Is it a comeback or a lucky streak?

How can you tell if a team is making a true comeback or if it is just going through a lucky streak? From what Amanda Lawson has learned about baseball thus far, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Too late. She’s not giving up on her Twins.

Beginning Baseball: Discovering the Art of Baseball Trash Talk

Amanda Lawson is a self-proclaimed champion trash talker. Well…at least when trash talking football. Baseball is a little different, however. In this post, Amanda discovers and explains “the art” of being a baseball trash talker.