Conversations with Kevin

Conversations with Kevin is a free-form podcast that features MSF founder Jerod Morris talking about a variety of subjects with his longtime friend, and MSF's first contributor, Kevin "KVB" Bertolini. The one constant through all the episodes is laughter. And lots of it.

Conversations with Kevin: Forget Miami, does college football itself need the death penalty?

In the third episode of Conversations with Kevin, Jerod poses a simple question: does college football itself need the death penalty to figure out what its actual objectives and guiding principles are?

Conversations with Kevin: Kevin’s 1st Person Account of the Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse Tragedy

The second episode of Conversations with Kevin takes on a more somber tone than Episode 1 or future episodes, as Kevin recounts being at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night when tragedy struck.

Conversations with Kevin Episode 1: “The Beginning”

In Episode 1, Jerod and Kevin discuss touch on a variety of topics: how difficult day trading is in with the current market conditions; the leadership of Paul Konerko; why this conversation should be used as the first episode of a new podcast called “Conversations with Kevin”; and much, much more.