Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: 2013 AL Central Preview & Predictions


Whoaa, we’re halfway there! It’s part three of our Division-by-Division 2013 MLB Preview. This week, Corey and I tackled the American League Central. We’ll provide you with each team’s projected line-up, rotation, bench, and bullpen.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: 2013 NL East Preview & Predictions


I say the Nationals will finish with the best record in baseball. Corey says the Braves studly young outfield will lead them to the crown. What do you think? In the latest edition of Call to the Bullpen, Corey and I will provide you with each team’s projected line-up, rotation, bench & bullpen. We look at who arrived for each team in the offseason (and who departed) and ask the major questions each team will have heading in to the new season.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: 2013 AL East Preview & Predictions


With the beginning of March means the beginning of our 2013 MLB season preview. To start of the six-episode extravaganze we begin looking at one of the most dynamic divisions in baseball, the American League East.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: King Felix’s Ransom, PEDs & Jose Canseco’s 1-900 Number


Corey and I are happy to be back for the 2013 season. We’re even happier that pitchers and catchers report for spring training tomorrow. In honor of that, Corey and I bring you a full hour to get you caught up on the offseason.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Mo’ Money Mo’ Prospects

Zack Greinke was once a Kansas City Royal...a long time ago. But now he's back in a familiar shade of blue after signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When Corey and I last left you, we broke down every transaction from the end of the 2012 World Series until the start of the Winter Meetings. In the past nine days, business has only picked up.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Transaction Analysis Spectacular

Jake Peavy is staying with the Chicago White Sox. (Photo courtesy of

Since you need to be caught up, Corey and I are here to break down every deal from the month of November and how we think it will affect the 2013 MLB season, all the while proving the warm atmosphere you have come to expect from the “Call to the Bullpen.”

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: San Francisco Giants World Series Very Special Episode (VSE)


Corey was under the weather this week, so our featured guest, Tim Livingston got bumped in to the co-hosts chair as he and I recap the 2012 World Series, discuss the individual playoff runs the Tigers and Giants had and what this means for the Giants going forward.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Spare A-Rod, Spoil the Yankees


Welcome back everyone! These playoffs have been phenomenal. This week, Corey and I break down what’s left of the ALCS and talk about the completely different and very exciting NLCS.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: MLB Playoff Preview 2012


After an electric night of baseball on Wild Card Friday, Pat Suley and Corey D’Souza hit the studio to bring you our 2012 Playoff Preview! Former MLB Fan Cave dweller Benjamin Christensen and blogger Tim Livingston join in the conversation too.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Trout vs. Cabrera


Corey and Pat debate Mike Trout v Miguel Cabrera, plus they bring a final week preview telling you who the contenders are facing and what we think their chances are. Needless to say we didn’t totally see eye-to-eye.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: In Praise of the Second Wild Card


If it weren’t for the second Wild Card spot, the National League playoff race would essentially be in the books and the AL races would not be nearly as interesting.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: The Beasts of the East


Corey and I break down the AL East race and go around the league talking about which teams are contenders and which teams we expect to fall out of the playoff race in both the AL and NL.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Are the Orioles and A’s for Real?


As we head into the final month of the season, the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics currently hold both AL Wild Card spots. Corey and Pat go in-depth on both teams the answer the question, Can they make the playoffs? Let’s just say we don’t agree on the answer.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: Boston Waiver Party

Adrian Gonzalez

Corey and I were all prepared for a regular edition of the “Call to the Bullpen” until an hour before we set to record when news of the Dodgers and Red Sox blockbuster broke. We reacted, scrapped the usual format, and bring you in depth and comprehensive analysis of the trade and what it will mean for both teams and all the players involved.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: The King is Perfect, The Melk Man is Caught


The news this week is painfully obvious. And we at the “Call to the Bullpen” wanted to make sure it was handled properly with over an hour of content.