Video: Blogger Confronts Newspaper About Violating His Copyright; Editor Gets Irate, Flustered

As a blogger, I found this video to be rather interesting. In it, Duane Lester of confronts a small town newspaper that reprinted his article almost verbatim without his permission.

Quick Rant: “Each Other” or “Eachother” – Let’s Change The Official Rule For The Better

This has nothing to do with sports, but it does have to do with blogging. So if you’ll indulge me, I would like to briefly speak up on a matter I feel strongly about: “each other” versus “eachother” and why the official rule needs to change.

Baron Batch and Operation Random Christmas Blessing

There is one athlete – maybe an athlete that folks outside the Midwest have never even heard of – who is doing things the right way. Meet (and follow!) Baron Batch.

Poll: Rick Santorum asks Google to remove site that promotes filthy definition of “santorum” from its index…should they?

I am going to veer WAY off the sports path here, but I’m hoping you’ll indulge me before we jump back into sports talk. I’m curious to see what people think of the absurd story involving Rick Santorum, “santorum”, and Google that is making headlines today.

How To Make Money Blogging: 4 Proven Strategies for Generating Revenue as a Blogger

MSF founder and longtime blogger / online marketing professional Jerod Morris shares proven tips he has learned about how to generate revenue with a blog — a few of which you’ll actually see in action right here in this post!

Behold, the Power of Twitter…Dunkin Style

When used properly, twitter can be used to bring about legitimate change. Just like the following.

Video Tutorial: How to track a see pageviews by author using Google Analytics with WordPress

This quick screencast shows you what plugin options to have checked so custom variables will be tracked and then how to view those custom variables in Google Analytics. It’s easy.

The key to a successful life is…wait, what?

Earlier today, Gordon Keith from 1310 The Ticket in Dallas made an interesting observation during a discussion about the Auburn tree poisoning. He said that the key to a successful life is to get over college. What do you think?

Chicago White Sox release badass “all in” ad starring Mark Buehrle (and MLB reminds us of their continuing idiocy…)

The White Sox have released their first commercial of 2011, which features a clever allusion to Mark Buehrle’s silly-good defensive play from 2010. The ad is awesome, and it also provides a good reminder of the continuing idiocy of Major League Baseball.

100 years ago TODAY!

Ronald Wilson Reagan was born above the local bank in tiny Tampico, Illinois. I’ve been there twice in the past 18 months.

Listen: Jerod the featured guest on The Sports Bank Podcast

I had the pleasure and privilege of being on The Sports Bank podcast yesterday – cleverly titled “The Deposit. Paul Schmidt hosted the session and we discussed the Super Bowl, the resurgence of IU basketball, and the current state of the ever-blurring line between blogs and the mainstream media. Click here to check it out […]

One tweet to woo them all, sent by @TigerWoods

An example of what makes Twitter awesome occurred today with the soon-to-be-famous “fo shizzle” tweet sent by Tiger Woods. It just may do more to humanize him than anything else since last Thanksgiving.

What did Jim Irsay? – The @JimIrsay Tweet(s) of the Day for January 18th, 2011

What did Jim Irsay? is our daily (for the most part) segment that celebrates the most compelling of Irsay’s tweets. In today’s episode, Jim is apparently seeing near-naked ladies in Indianapolis…and may not actually be Jim at all.

‘Homeless Radio Voice Guy’ story shows us the best and worst of journalism in the Age of the Internet

Two different angles related to the ‘Homeless Radio Voice Guy’ story came across Jerod’s computer screen today that, to him, perfectly encapsulate the best and the worst of contemporary journalism in the viral Age of the Internet.

5 Ways NFL Teams are Leveraging Social Media

The 2011 NFL Playoffs are just about to kickoff, and we want to highlight some of the best plays NFL teams are making inside the social arena. Hut..Hut..Tweet!