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What Dr. Seaver from Growing Pains taught me about Serena Williams

Ben Seaver and Brad Pitt on Growing Pains

Growing Pains can teach you a lot. It taught me how to feel about Serena Williams.

Grape Nuts Erases Tenzing Norgay From History

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay 60 years ago during their historic expedition. (Associated Press Photo)

Sixty years ago Wednesday, Tenzing Norgay of Nepal and Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand became the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. In honor of this historic anniversary Post’s Grape Nuts cereal is running this commercial: Do you see the problem with this 30-second television spot? The […]

Happy Mother’s Day: 6 athlete moms with athlete kids


Sports is often a family business. We’ve seen the sports gene at work in the Manning, Earnhardt, Hull, Griffey, and Andretti families. We’ve even seen families like the Hills (Calvin and Grant), Larkins (Barry and Shane), Halls (swimmers Gary Sr. and Gary Jr.), and Joneses (Popeye and Seth) where junior has excelled in a different […]

In its early days, the NBA got really creative with its playoff formats

George Mikan and the Minneapolis Lakers had to survive a double round robin en route to their fifth NBA title.

My favorite two months of the sports calendar tip off this weekend with the beginning of the NBA Playoffs.

50 Years Ago, Loyola and its ‘Iron Five’ Changed College Basketball Forever

Loyola during a timeout in the 1963 NCAA championship game (NCAA Photos)

Fifty years ago, and three years before Texas Western’s historic NCAA Tournament upset of Kentucky, the 1963 Loyola Ramblers went on an NCAA Tournament run that would change college basketball forever.

Mascotology: Picking the Entire NCAA Tournament … by Mascot

Sparty advances to the Elite Eight (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Mascotology breaks down the entire NCAA Tournament field by looking at who would prevail in a hypothetical meeting of mascots. Who would win in a match-up between a Spartan and a Crusader or between an orange and a grizzly bear? We’re about to find out.

A Brief History of the NCAA Tournament Bubble


Bubble talk has become an annual college basketball ritual. It is as much a part of the game as pep bands, cutting down nets, and penalizing teams whose coaches make too many phone calls. But it hasn’t always been this way.

How The New Adidas Sleeved Jerseys Have Turned the Evansville Purple Aces Into SpongeBob SquarePants


Sleeves get results, and thanks to Adidas, UCLA, Baylor, and the Louisville men will wear jerseys with sleeves during March Madness. The situation has noted Evansville supporter Josh Tinley feeling like his Purple Aces are suffering a fate similar to…SpongeBob.

Congratulations on the Sleeves, Golden State Warriors—Signed, an Evansville Purple Aces Fan

Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson, Jarrett Jack, and Harrison Barnes wear the sleeves. (Photo by Brant Ward, SF Chronicle)

Adidas yesterday introduced new lightweight uniforms for the Golden State Warriors. These unis are notable because a) the shorts don’t match the jerseys at all, b) they are 26 percent lighter than other NBA uniforms, and c) the jerseys have sleeves. Yes, sleeves.

“Would You Let Your Kid Play Football?” – The Question Lots of People Are Asking

Will Camden Cutler dominate the NFL like his father? Not if mom has anything to say about it. (Photo from Twitter)

Earlier this week Jay Cutler’s fiancee and Barack Obama both cast doubts on whether they would allow their kids to play football. The question of whether a parent should allow his or her child to play football seems to be coming up a lot.

XLVII Things You Might Not Know About the Super Bowl

Jerry Rice, holder of all sorts of Super Bowl records, escapes two Chargers defenders in Super Bowl XXIX.

No matter how closely you follow professional football, there are probably some tidbits from the storied history of the Super Bowl that you aren’t aware of. So, in honor of Super Bowl XLVII, here are 47 trivial Super Bowl facts that you may or may not be aware of.

What’s ‘Love’ Got To Do With It? A Brief History of Tennis’ Strange, Illogical Scoring System

You can buy this at Zazzle for $2.80.

Sports fans who have spent the fall and winter watching games where each score has a set value and where score is kept by adding these values can now watch tennis … and take a break from reason to enjoy a sport whose means of scorekeeping defies logic.

Lizzy Seeberg, Manti Te’o, and our Troubling Cult of Sport


The difference between Notre Dame’s response to Lizzy Seeberg’s rape allegations and the Manti Te’o hoax story is disturbing, but not as disturbing as the similarity. In both cases the school acted to protect the athlete.

9 Other Memorable Sports-Related Hoaxes


As with the currently unfolding Manti Te’o story, the sports world has been fooled by its share of hoaxes over the years. Some were humorous; some were hurtful. Here’s a run-down of nine sports-related hoaxes.

A Brief History of CFL Coaches in the NFL

New Bears coach Marc Trestman, formerly of the Montreal Alouettes (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

The Bears’ hiring of Mark Trestman came as a surprise to many. We aren’t used to teams hiring coaches from Canada. But such a move isn’t unprecedented.