WWE Throwback Thursday: John Cena Returns at 2008 Royal Rumble

John Cena missed Raw on Monday in order to sell the injuries he received at Extreme Rules but he will surely be back this coming Monday to accept Ryback’s challenge for the Payback pay-per-view in June. It is a rare occasion for Cena to miss an episode of Raw as he is the poster boy […]

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match Preview and Prediction

One man will have his wrestling career immensely changed for the better tonight at Money in the Bank. Eight men are competing for the World Heavyweight Championship contract, but there are a certain few who portray themselves to be the favorites.

Zack Ryder Attains Relevance With Battle Royal Victory on the Great American Bash

A special SmackDown took place yesterday, which was a revival of The Great American Bash. It featured a party that was attended by random WWE Superstars and Divas, but it also featured a 20-man Battle Royal.

WWE Succeeding in Getting John Cena Over With the Fans Once Again

John Cena is without a doubt the most polarizing figure in the WWE. He has been a face character for years but has been routinely booed like a heel. Most of those booing do not have a personal problem with Cena the man, but rather with his character. He had been portrayed as “SuperCena,” and […]

WWE Elimination Chamber: Match Previews and Predictions

There are only four matches scheduled for the event, which takes place Sunday night in Milwaukee, but there will be two matches inside the Elimination Chamber. One will be for Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight Championship, while the other is for CM Punk’s WWE Championship.