QuickCast: AL MVP a Two-Man Race Between Bautista and Verlander (and why pitchers should merit MVP consideration)

Pat Suley believes the race comes down to two players: Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays and Justin Verlander of the Tigers. He also has a message, and a convincing one at that, for all of the “merely ignorant or stupid” folks who say that pitchers should not merit MVP consideration.

QuickCast: It’s Time For The Denver Broncos-Tim Tebow Marriage To End … Should Miami Be Next?

In the 10th installment of the MSF QuickCast, Jerod analyzes the quickly deteriorating tenure of Tim Tebow in Denver. With Josh McDaniels now gone, and a new coaching staff in place that does not seem to believe in Tebow’s unique talents, it is time for the Broncos-Tebow marriage to end; and Miami might just be the perfect spot for Tebow’s next NFL stop.

QuickCast #9: What Would Your At-Bat Song Be?

In MSF QuickCast Episode #9, Jerod poses a simple question: what would your at-bat song be? He also adds a fun twist by not only providing his own at-bat song but also suggesting at-bat songs for a number of MSF writers.

QuickCast: Jim Thome Hits #600 – It’s Time to Give Him the Respect and Attention He Has Earned

Last night, Jim Thome became the 8th player in MLB history to smash 600 home runs, hitting 599 and 600 last night. It’s time to give him the respect he deserves, which ultimately should land him in Cooperstown.

MSF QuickCast #8: As Carlos Zambrano Exits, Ol’ Reliable Mark Buehrle Stands Alone in Chicago

In Carlos Zambrano’s exit, juxtaposed against the disappointment of the Wood-Prior-Zambrano trio, Jerod finds yet another way to appreciate their underappreciated contemporary: Mark Buehrle.

QuickCast #7: Restoring Some Pride To The Word “Humbled”

In the seventh installment of the MSF QuickCast, Jerod discusses the frequent misuse of the word “humbled” during the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speeches on Saturday night and why it’s so important for all of us to take pride in preserving the unique meanings of individual words.

QuickCast #6: To “We” or Not To “We” — That Is The Question

In the sixth installment of the MSF QuickCast, Jerod addresses the issue of fans referring to their sports teams as “we”, which he does unabashedly. He explains his reasoning – including the childhood experiences that influenced it – while maintaining respect for the opposite view

QuickCast #5: Why Don’t We Have a National Siblings’ Day?

In the 5th MSF QuickCast, I explain the origins of Brother’s Day, an August 1st tradition of the Morris family, and why it is silly that there isn’t a national day set aside to appreciate siblings.

MSF Quickcast #4: “All In” Chicago White Sox Can (and Should) Improve Their Hand

In the fourth MSF QuickCast, Jerod Morris discusses his beloved Chicago White Sox and how they can still improve their hand internally as we enter the final two months of this “all in” season that has, thus far, been terribly disappointing.

MSF QuickCast #2: The Ugly Problem with The Beautiful Game

For Jerod, using penalty kicks to determine winners in the closest and most exciting of matches is part of what keeps him from fully embracing soccer. For a sport known as “the beautiful game” it sure does have an ugly way of ending its most spectacular matches.

MSF QuickCast #1: One Simple, Noble Way to Improve the Major League Baseball All Star Game

We know Bud Selig needs to get rid of the silly rule that awards World Series homefield advantage to the league that wins the Midsummer Classic, but Jerod has another simple, noble way that the Commish can easily and profoundly improve the best of the major sports All Star extravaganzas. It’s the subject of the first MSF QuickCast.