Lance Armstrong could have saved 5 of his 7 Tour de France wins by cooperating with the USADA

United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) lawyer Bill Bock said earlier this week that, had Lance Armstrong cooperated with the organization’s investigation, the cyclist only would have been stripped of two of his record seven Tour de France titles. In August, the USADA charged Armstrong with performance-enhancing drug use, banned him from competition in any sport […]

Lance Armstrong Finally Admits PED Use To Oprah

Throughout the years, shocking and disappointing sports stories have seemed to come one right after another. And this week has been no exception, with another chapter being written in the bizarre story of Lance Armstrong. With the news of Armstrong’s confession of using steroids causing a mass amount of hype, it felt like a good […]

Lance Armstrong a Hero … With or Without Titles

Lance Armstrong has decided to end his battle against the United States Anti-Doping Agency, and he will apparently lose his Tour de France titles. Regardless, he remains a hero to many the world over.

Bummed About Lance Armstrong? There’s Always Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond has never been accused or suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs. But his legacy and credibility are linked to the sport’s doping scandals because he has been so outspoken on the topic.

Video: Match Sprint Cycling Is Outrageously Captivating

This post features a video of the 1990 Match Sprint Cycling World Championships. Jerod is confident telling you that you have to watch this video, especially if you are unfamiliar with this outrageous yet completely captivating sport.

There’s Always Greg LeMond

An American cyclist cheats death then returns to his sport to win its premier event, the grueling three-week-long Tour de France. Thus reads the hagiography of Lance Armstrong, but it is also the story of Greg LeMond.

Two more teammates have testified that Lance Armstrong used PEDs.

This really shouldn’t be surprising at this point. Here are the details of Tyler Hamilton and George Hincapie joining Floyd Landis in accusing Armstrong of doping.

Lance Armstrong, “Lost Balls”, and a quick piece of unsolicited advice

A bookstore shows it’s sense humor by placing Lance Armstrong’s book next to aptly named golf tome, and Jerod gives Lance some unsolicited advice about how to handle all of the PED speculation.

Lance Armstrong Injured – Fractured Collarbone Leaves Tour de France Participation in Doubt

Lance Armstrong injury update: Lance Armstrong was injured today during a race in Spain, suffering a broken collarbone. The injury leaves his planned participation in this year’s Tour de France in doubt.