Obscure Player of the Week

Pat Suley takes trips down memory lane to shine light on players who were once top of mind but who have faded into the dustier corners of baseball history.

Brad Ziegler: The Best Pitcher You’ve Never Heard Of

I bet you didn’t know Brad Ziegler set two Major League records in 2012. Really. Two records. You just won’t see them on the back of any baseball cards.

Unjustly Obscure Player of the Week: Todd Zeile

Todd Zeile is a “Gnarls Gnarlington.” What does that mean? I couldn’t tell you. Just add it to the plethora of things to come out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth lately that are completely staggering.

Unjustly Obscure Player of the Week: Greg Gagne

Greg Gagne was best known for his ten seasons of service as The Twins shortstop from 1983 to 1992. He was an integral part of the Twins two championship teams in ’87 and ’91.

Unjustly Obscure Player of the Week: Mike Bordick

If baseball can be considered an art form, then Mike Bordick was using oils, and the other shortstops, merely water colors. So says Pat Suley in this week’s Unjustly Obscure Player of the Week.

Unjustly Obscure Player of the Week: Bo Belinsky

Bo Belinsky can be used as an example that the media has always focused far too much on the private lives of celebrities. He was the Kim Kardashian of southpaw pitchers, not because of an especially plump rump, but because he became famous mostly for romantic exploits.