What the Blue Jays-Marlins Mega Deal Means for the Rest of the American League East

While most discussion throughout the last couple days has focused on the Miami Marlins selling off nearly all of their assets and the re-loaded Blue Jays north of the border, there’s also a discussion to be had about what the reported massive trade means for Toronto’s competition, the American League East division.

AL Comeback Player of the Year Race: Adam Dunn vs. Alex Rios

The White Sox are in first place in the AL Central Division large in part because of “the comeback kids” who have all blown away our greatest expectations for 2012. It’s fairly clear that the American League’s “Comeback Player of the Year Award” will be given to one of the south siders – it’s just not perfectly clear who.

Chicago White Sox Spot Starters Hector Santiago and Dylan Axelrod Could Be Key Down The Stretch

With just under a month left in the 2012 regular season, it’s strange that we’re discussing Axelrod and fellow spot starter Hector Santiago in such great detail for a team competing for a division title. But it’s looking like they’re both going to be important down the stretch.

Putting Chris Sale’s Breakout Season Into Perspective

Currently standing at 13-3 with a 2.59 ERA, Chris Sale has catapulted himself into the conversation of the league’s best.

Paul Konerko Injury: Mildly Concussed, DL Stint Possible

Manager Robin Ventura sat Paul Konerko on Wednesday so he could get two days of rest with the off day today, and after the game Ventura revealed that that Konerko was indeed mildly concussed.

Top 3 Early-Week MLB Series to Watch: 8/6 – 8/9

The great thing about baseball is that there is a ton of action every single day. Here’s a look at what could be the best action of the next few days, as I rank the top 3 series to keep an eye on.

Is A.J. Burnett the NL’s Comeback Player of the Year?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been one of the best stories in a year full of Cinderellas. Andrew McCutchen is a leading MVP candidate, but a headline that’s rivaling “The Cutch” for the best of the Bucs is their resurgent ace and Comeback Player of the Year candidate, A.J. Burnett.

White Sox Fans Should Be Optimistic as August Beckons

After answering the question marks on the ball club about a third baseman and depth in the bullpen and starting rotation, the Sox are in a pretty good place roster-wise and primed for the pennant race.

Cleveland Indians: Contender or Pretender?

With just a couple months left in the regular season, there’s certainly been enough evidence presented to answer the question “contender or pretender?” for the Tribe.

Has the Alex Rodriguez Signing Been Good or Bad for the Yankees?

A-Rod was probably the best hitter in baseball when the Yankees signed him to a record contract. With Rodriguez now banged up and not producing nearly as much for the 2nd straight year, it’s time to ask: has it been a successful signing?

Kenny Williams’ History of Deadline Aggression Gives White Sox Fans Hope

Say what you want about White Sox GM Kenny Williams, but the one thing everyone can agree on is that he is aggressive. White Sox fans have to like that.

Andrew McCutchen In Midst of Historic Breakout Season

Andrew McCutchen is in the midst of a remarkable hot streak, and now it’s time to consider just how remarkable it is. So we compare The Cutch’s breakout season to those of some of the best outfielders the game of baseball has ever seen.

Top 8 Current Candidates For NL MVP – Which Could Be a Race For the Ages

With just two and a half months left in the regular season, the race for NL MVP has been narrowed down. As he did for the AL MVP race, Zach ranks ’em from bottom on up.

Anniversary of Disco Demolition Not A Proud One

Two days ago marked the 33rd anniversary of Disco Demolition Night for White Sox fans. To this day, it is still one of those most widely recognized events in the history of baseball, as it is the last time that there has ever been a forfeit in an American League game.

Mike Trout Has Stolen The Show, But Don’t Forget About Bryce Harper

Mike Trout’s numbers are nearly unheard of from anyone, let alone a rookie. But today I’m here to talk about the other star MLB rookie: Bryce Harper. He’s been the more hyped of the two, and nothing during Harper’s age-19 season suggests he’ll be anything other than a superstar.