Week 15 NFL FanDuel Advice: No More ‘Johnny Bench’

To be honest, I struggled with my NFL Week 14 FanDuel selections.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Bryce Harper, Drew Smyly…and $350 Freeroll Tournament!

All week long I have been telling you about Friday’s freeroll tournament with a $350 prize pool. Well, it’s now Friday. So get ready to enter, and for good measure here are a few handy picks to keep in mind.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Albert Pujols, Justin Masterson, Brandon Morrow, and more

Another day, another opportunity to make some dough playing daily fantasy baseball. Let’s go over a few picks after we talk tournaments.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Albert Pujols, Yovani Gallardo, AJ Burnett, Andre Ethier, and more

After a short hiatus to recharge and refocus, and to let the decision-making sample sizes get a little bit larger, I’m back with more daily picks. Albert Pujols is involved…but is he a guy to play or to sit?

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Chris Sale, Jordan Zimmerman, B.J. Upton, Billy Butler, and more

Jerod outlines his fantasy baseball daily picks for Wednesday, April 25th, including Chris Sale, Jordan Zimmerman, B.J. Upton, Billy Butler, and more.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Max Scherzer, Adam Dunn, Adam Wainwright, ARod, and more

After yesterday’s picks were such a success, Jerod considered dropping the mic and walking off stage. Can it really get any better? Here he is to give it another shot.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Greinke, Peavy, Morrow, Rios, Dunn, and more

Jerod is back with his daily picks for Monday’s fantasy baseball action. Can you believe that Jake Peavy, Alex Rios, and Adam Dunn are all solid recommendations right now? It’s true.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Curtis Granderson, Cole Hamels, Adam Jones, Matt Moore, and more

The best part about Curtis Granderson’s huge day? I had him starting in two of my three daily leagues for Thursday. See…this is why you need to come here daily for these recommendations.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Justin Morneau (Welcome back!), A.J. Pierzynski, Jhonny Peralta, and more

Today’s daily picks features a long-awaited kudos to Justin Morneau, who sure has looked recovered from his concussion issues the last two nights.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Jordan Zimmerman, Andruw Jones, David Price, Hanley Ramirez, and more

Jerod provides a few interesting early-season runs scored nuggets, then jumps right into today’s tournaments and picks.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Ian Kennedy, Dan Haren, Mike Aviles, Michael Bourn, and more

Had some time to get the daily picks done tonight while watching that shit show the White Sox put on in the 9th and 10th innings against Baltimore. Yuck. Notes on Ian Kennedy, Dan Haren, Mike Aviles, Michael Bourn, and several more.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Stephen Strasburg, Nick Swisher, Howie Kendrick, and more

It’s time for another round of daily fantasy baseball picks, which I enjoyed doing so much last week that I’ve decided to continue this week. Among today’s picks: Stephen Strasburg, Nick Swisher, and Howie Kendrick, plus many others.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Billy Butler, Desmond Jennings, Matt Harrison, Ben Zobrist, and more

Today’s daily picks include a number of star names like Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Troy Tulowitzki, and Paul Konerko, as well as some under-the-radar guys like Billy Butler, Alex Avila, and Matt Harrison that you should strongly consider today.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Haren, Hamilton, Holland, and more

Here are today’s daily picks. I realize it’s obvious to recommend Joey Votto and Josh Hamilton, but the reason I’m listing them is because they particularly good starts over other superstars today.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Kendrys Morales, Adrian Beltre, and Others for April 11th

For you daily fantasy baseball players, here are a handful of guys I really like and a handful of guys I don’t like for April 11th based on matchups, recent trends, ballpark, or a mix of all three.