Oklahoma City Thunder are the 2013 NBA Draft lottery’s unlikely big winner

The NBA lottery happened Tuesday night, and several teams were happy to see their ping-pong balls come up. The Cleveland Cavaliers scored the No. 1 pick, but rumors suggest it could be traded. That’s not something that is usually even discussed, since the top overall pick is almost always a game-changing player. But that may […]

ESPN Reports Percy Harvin to Seahawks Trade Imminent

As a Seahawks fan, when my pal Chris Newell texted me with the news, per ESPN, that Percy Harvin might be coming to town, I immediately hopped on the Internet. When I saw it was true, I jumped out of my office chair.

Eliminate Offsides To Improve Hockey? Not So Fast…

Yesterday I wrote an article describing how hockey would be better of doing away with offsides. My long-time friend Rhett the Jet, who is a hockey expert, lambasted me on Facebook with why that wouldn’t work.

Commentary: One Simple Rule Change Would Make Hockey More Exciting, Broaden NHL’s Appeal

I love hockey. I enjoy the one-timers, amazing goaltending, hits, and fights. The problem is the NHL isn’t growing with new fans. A simple rule change could broaden the game’s appeal.

Super Bowl Prop Bets: Odds and Advice on Anthem Time, Gatorade Color, Harbaugh Stuff, and More!

It’s been reported that over $1 billion dollars is bet on the Super Bowl, including millions on simply prop bets. They are very entertaining and can range from mildly ridiculous to very ridiculous. Here just a few of them, and, if I were a betting man, which way I would lean. (Odds courtesy of hogshaven.com.)

Randy Moss Says He’s the Greatest WR Ever … Is He?

Randy Moss said yesterday to the media, “I really think I’m the greatest receiver to ever play this game.” Jerry Rice might have something to say about that.

Seahawks Destroy 49ers … Are They Super Bowl Contenders?

Whoever wasn’t on the Seahawks bandwagon, you can jump on board now. They just proved they can hang with anyone, and I honestly believe they are Super Bowl contenders.

NFL Power Rankings Week 12: AFC and NFC Top 5

This week in the NFL we were treated to some Thanksgiving drama and some good upsets. Going on my eyeball test, here are my Conference Top 5 power rankings this week.

Are the Clippers THE L.A. Team Now?

They dismantled the Spurs 106-84 and seemed to do it with ease. They beat the Lakers 105-95. And last night they beat the defending NBA champions, the Miami Heat, 107-100. This Clippers team is for real.

NFL Power Rankings: AFC and NFC Top 5

This week in the NFL we saw some surprising victories and some blowouts. Going on my eyeball test, here are my Conference Top 5 power rankings this week.

NFL Power Rankings: AFC & NFC Midseason Top 5

At the midway point of the season, which teams in the AFC and NFC have separated themselves as the top 5? Trevor provides answers for each conference.

Finally! David Stern To Step Down As NBA Commissioner in 2014

ESPN.com has reported that David Stern will step down as NBA commissioner on Feb. 1, 2014, after serving for 30 years. He will hand the reins to current deputy commissioner Adam Silver. I don’t know how to begin other than saying, “It’s about freaking time!”

Sorry Michael Wilbon: Chicago Bears Are Not NFL’s Best

ESPN’s Michael Wilbon made the claim today, in this article, that the Bears might be the best team in the NFL. I read that and laughed.

Is Tim Tebow The Answer For The Jets…At Running Back?

Just reading the headline, some of you may have just blown a gasket. How could I possibly suggest Tebow should be the starting RB or third down back?

Seattle Seahawks Name Russell Wilson Starting QB

MY Seattle Seahawks did a couple of things this past weekend that I loved, including naming Russell Wilson the starting QB.