The 8 Best and 7 Worst Commercials From Super Bowl 46

The Super Bowl 46 commercials, as a whole, lacked some of the creativity that we have learned to look for in this annual night that is the championship night for Madison Avenue as well. The Sports Muse breaks down the 8 best and 7 worst commercials of Super Bowl Sunday 2012.

The 13 Best Super Bowl Plays of All-Time

The Sports Muse presents the Super Bowl’s “truly elite” plays, the top 2/10 of 1% of all plays ever run in a Super Bowl. The cream of the crop, the top of the heap, the best 13 plays in the history of the Super Bowl.

Cam Cameron, The Key To Sunday’s Ravens-Patriots AFC Championship Game

The most important person in deciding who will advance to represent the AFC in Super Bowl XLVI is none other than the gentleman who holds the worst all-time record of any “non-interim” head coach in NFL history: Baltimore Offensive Coordinator Malcolm “call me Cam” Cameron.

The 10 Best (And 3 Worst) Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl has the largest television audience each year. With stakes so high, it seems worthy to take a look back at some of the best, and a few of the worst, commercials that have ever paid those premium dollars for a coveted Super Bowl slot.

NFL Playoffs: 10 Predictions and Things to Watch

The Sports Muse has put together 10 predictions and things that you should look for during the playoffs. He guarantees at least three or four of them will be right.

Sweet 16 Preview: VCU v Florida State Analysis and Prediction

One half of the Southwest Region’s Sweet 16 bracket features two of the most unlikely Sweet 16 teams imaginable. Who will win? The Sports Muse analyzes.

Sweet 16: North Carolina v Marquette Analysis and Prediction

The buzz is that North Carolina and Duke are on a crash course for the Final 4, but don’t tell Buzz Williams and Marquette that. The 11th-seeding Golden Eagles are looking to pull off the upset Friday night. Can they? The Sports Muse analyzes.

Sweet 16 Preview: Duke v Arizona Analysis and Prediction

The Sports Muse analyzes the journey Duke and Arizona took to get to the 2011 Sweet 16, how they stack up statistically this season, and how Thursday night’s game will most likely play out (including his prediction)

March Madness 2011: Survivor Pool Tips & Rules For Winning – Plus a Strategy for 2011

In this post, The Sports Muse provides five golden rules for winning survivor pools in general, and then provides team- and bracket-specific tips for the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

5-12 Upset Picks: Which David Will Slay Goliath?

In this post, I analyze the history of the 5-12 upset and then analyze this year’s matchup to see which of the 5-12 matchups are most likely to result in an upset.

Random Friday College Hoops Thoughts & Some Weekend Picks (Even the Super Bowl)

The Sports Muse wonders aloud about Tom Izzo and the struggling Michigan State Spartans, predicts a big bounce back for Butler, and makes some other random college basketball observations (plus a Super Bowl pick).

Andy Reid: the Smartest Man in the World (In His Own Mind)

Andy Reid recently promoted Juan Castillo, his offensive line coach of the past 13 years….to Defensive Coordinator. This move just reeks of Reid thinking he is smarter and knows better than anybody else.

Whether Parity or Mediocrity, Dominance in College Hoops Could be Gone Forever

There are certainly no great teams this season, and maybe not that many really good ones either. This phenomenon begs two questions: Why do we have so much parity? And what will it all mean come March?

Move Over Madonna. Jimmer has Arrived.

It is a limited list of people famous and celebrated enough to be known by just a single name. Madonna. Magic. Oprah. Most Brazilian soccer players. And now, that club welcomes its newest member. Jimmer.

How bad is the ACC?

People across the land have talked all season about how bad the ACC is this year. So The Sports Muse thought it was his duty, as an avid follower of the ACC since the mid ‘80s, to weigh in on the debate.