Hockey is Back! NHL, NHLPA Strike Deal On New CBA


Following a marathon 16-hour negotiation on the 113th day of the lockout, the NHL owners and the players association have finally struck a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement. The term of the deal is for 10 years and will salvage what’s left of the 2012-13 season.

NHL Officially Locks Out Players: How Did We Get Here? What’s Next?


It’s official. As of 12am Sunday morning, the current collective bargaining agreement expired. With no agreement in place, the owners have decided to lock out the players, putting the 2012-13 season in jeopardy.

L.A. Kings Go From 8th Seed to Dominant, Memorable Champions


The Kings entered the league in 1968 during the first of many expansions by the NHL and have sat idly by watching other teams hoist the cup and call themselves champions. Now it’s Los Angeles’ turn to revel in that glory.

Stanley Cup Finals Preview and Prediction: Los Angeles Kings v New Jersey Devils


The 2012 Stanley Cup is set to begin Wednesday May 30th between the eighth seeded Los Angeles Kings and the sixth seeded New Jersey Devils. It is one of the most unlikely matchups in years.

NHL Draft Lottery: Edmonton Wins 3rd Straight As Columbus Loses Out Again

Nail Yakupov is expected to be the first player drafted. Will Edmonton take him, or will they trade the pick? (Photo by Resolute (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons)

The Edmonton Oilers will select first in the 2012 NHL Entry draft for the third straight year, the first team to do so since the Quebec Nordiques did in the late from 1989-91. This was anther blow to the Columbus Blue Jackets, who just can’t buy a break.

2012 NHL Playoffs: Round 1 Western Conference Previews & Predictions


Peter Stewart has already provided Round 1 Eastern Conference previews and predictions. Now we’ll take a look at the first-round matchups for the Western Conference.

2012 NHL Playoffs: Round 1 Eastern Conference Previews & Predictions

jose theodore 2012 nhl playoffs round 1 preview prediction

Peter Stewart breaks down the Round 1 matchups in the Eastern Conference before giving you his prediction. Will there be any sweeps? Will the defending Stanley Cup Champs make it out of the first round?

NHL Playoffs: Nashville Predators v Detroit Red Wings Preview and Prediction


Nashville-Detroit is another matchup that will be a great series but for different reasons than the four/five matchup in the East. It’s also another case of how unfortunate it is to lose one of these teams in the first round.

Chicago Blackhawks-Vancouver Canucks Rivalry Gets Even More Fierce With Keith Elbow To Sedin


Over the past few seasons Vancouver and Chicago have cultivated quite the rivalry. Even more fuel was thrown onto the fire when Duncan Keith laid out Daniel Sedin Wednesday night.

Martin Havlat’s Return Is Exactly What The San Jose Sharks Needed


Martin Havlat returned to the lineup last Thursday Night at the Shark Tank in San Jose in an important game against the Nashville Predators, which the Sharks won 2-1 in a shootout. His return is exactly what the Sharks need to make that final playoff push and get them into the post-season.

Are Coaching Changes in the NHL A Good Way To Make Your Team Better?

davis-payne-st-louis-blues-fired-coaching change

Peter Stewart analyzes the record-setting eight coaching changes that have taken place in the NHL this season. Were they warranted? Are the teams better off with a new coach?

3 Reasons Why The St. Louis Blues Are A 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Contender


For many years the Blues have been mediocre at best, but they lead the Central Division and have three key components that could keep them playing hockey well into May.

NHL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers


In the wake of the supposed most exciting day in the hockey season, outside of the playoffs of course, the NHL trade deadline was in a word, dead. Only 15 moves were made involving 31 players and 11 draft picks, and it wasn’t until after the deadline had passed that an exciting and unpredictable trade happened, which leads me into examining the winners and losers of yesterday’s deadline.

Fire Sale in Columbus: Is Rick Nash Next?

Photo Courtesy 5of7

The Columbus Blue Jackets don’t seem to care that the trade deadline is on Monday. In the past two days they’ve traded away two of their top six most expensive contracts. It’s going to be interesting leading up to the trade deadline on Feb. 27 to see where Rick Nash ends up, if anywhere at all.

NHL Trade Deadline Analysis of Jeff Carter, Derek Roy, Marek Zidlicky, and Jonathan Bernier

Photo Courtesy Matt Boulton

Here’s a look at some players that are under contract at least through the 2012-13 season that could have a new address by the February 27th trade deadline.