Healthy Habits: Intro Show Featuring Interview with ‘Coach Carla’ Ferrer

Tonight, in the first episode of ‘Healthy Habits’, we will be dishing out all the fitness secrets of life coach Carla Ferrer. ‘Coach Carla’ – who lost over 130 pounds 18 years ago…and has kept it off – prides herself as being an advocate for people who genuinely want to have the greatest life and best health they can.

Blogging Fitness: Spines in Motion

Whenever Kimberly selects her featured workout for this column, she looks for something with speed, sweat and pain (the good kind). However, she recently spied a flyer for a “spine class.” Even though the flyer did not suggest speed and sweat, she was intrigued.

Blogging Fitness: Shedding pounds for the Royal Wedding

American Laurel Wright may not be on the guest list for the Royal Wedding, but she will be flaunting her new figure in her wedding dress.

Blogging Fitness: High Heels, Sweat, and Burlesque!

With 2011 rolling on, I realized I was slouching into my fitness comfort zone. So I thought “what better way to shake it up” than to throw on some heels and hit up Centre for Dance in Dallas!

Blogging Fitness: Keep your relationship off the rocks by getting on the ropes

A young couple keeps their marriage fresh by rock climbing and staying active together.

Blogging Fitness: The Secret Recipe – Sweating Through the Sweet Life

Kimberly talks with Pamela Weekes and Connie McDonald from the Levain Bakery about how they balance their extensive fitness goals with also running bakery and indulging in their own gigantic, delicious cookies. What’s the secret? Balance!

Blogging Fitness: Body Design Workouts – Do they think I am a robot?

Yesterday I took a beating. A major beating that left me a broken woman. The beast of all strength/cardio classes left me shattered and in pain, but strangely wanting more.

Blogging Fitness: The Skinny on Balancing Vacation Fitness and Splurging

In her latest installment of Blogging Fitness, Kimberly Westphall provides some helpful tips and advice on how to balance working out and splurging while you’re on vacation this summer.

Blogging Fitness: Hustlin’ to Hip Hop

In her latest Blogging Fitness column, Kimberly Westphall describes her first experience at a hip hop dance workout class, including the benefits and what she most enjoyed it.

Blogging Fitness: The Alyson Stoner Project Fights Childhood Obesity

Several young Hollywood actors are heading up a new fitness program geared towards helping children and teens develop good fitness habits and a healthy body image.

Blogging Fitness: D.C. 2010 – This is Gonna Suck!

I had been dreading this day, just as much as I had been looking forward to it. I guess that’s what happens when you have your first marathon lurking around your thoughts for eight months.

Blogging Fitness: Get it Right, Get it Tight with Suspension Training

Twist it, rock it, and tone it up. MSF fitness adventurer Kimberly Westphall was doing all of the above with the TRX Suspension Trainer during her personal workout with JR from Trainer Daddy in Dallas.

Blogging Fitness: This Daring Young Lass on the Flying Trapeze

After her two-hour class at the Trapeze School of New York, Kimberly felt completely invigorated and had an extra spring in her step. This post describes her experience trying out the new fitness craze that involves fear, flying, and fun.

Blogging Fitness: Blaze It Up with a Scorching, 100-Degree Yoga Workout

Recently, I have felt my flexibility might be dwindling a bit so I decided to focus some of my attention on Yoga and Pilates. Over the past two weeks, I have come to see how people get hooked on this relaxing, but challenging, form of exercise.

Blogging Fitness: Zumba is Taking the Fitness World By Storm

The name Zumba is sassy and a bit mysterious. I didn’t really know what to expect; I was just hoping I would get my heart pumpin’ and burn it up. What I actually got was so much more.