Jürgen Klinsmann: My 2013 Sportsman of the Year

This year, my Sportsman of the Year award goes to Jürgen Klinsmann, who guided the U.S. Men’s National Team to a 16-4-3 record in 2013, including a 12-game winning streak. By the way, the 12-game winning streak included a Gold Cup championship (the bi-annual continental title that determines who is the best team in the CONCACAF region).

Nick Saban vs. Mack Brown: It’s all about the hair

They were both born in 1951. Mack Brown, the soon-to-be former head coach at the University of Texas, is three months older than Nick Saban, the head coach at the University of Alabama.

Five reasons LeBron James won’t leave the Miami Heat

LeBron James is happy and has been for a while. Two consecutive championships for his Miami Heat and two NBA Finals MVPs will do that.

25 championship records of superstar athletes

A player really establishes himself as an all-time great when he is competing for championships.
As sports are dominated by a handful of teams, the players associated with those teams begin to ascend the rankings among their peers and stand out in the sports world.

MLS Cup Final should be a home-and-home Aggregate Series

The formula is pretty simple, yet not commonly known by many sports fans. The aggregate system in FIFA international tournament soccer adds up the goals of two games (one home game for each team) to determine a winner.

Only two NBA Eastern Conference teams are above .500

Each of the NBA’s Eastern Conference teams has now played at least 16 games. And entering Tuesday’s action, only two of them are currently above .500.

Can David Beckham’s impact on Major League Soccer be bigger as an owner?

I made no bones about it when I wrote last year that David Beckham’s mission as member of the LA Galaxy was complete. He retired after having won two consecutive MLS Cups.

John F. Kennedy’s five favorite sports

As the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy approaches, it seems an appropriate time to look back on his favorite sports.

Did Tom Brady purposely avoid shaking hands with Cam Newton?

I guess I saw the end of the game a little differently last night. I thought Tom Brady did a classless thing by avoiding shaking hands with Cam Newton after the game.

Has Collin Kaepernick lost his touch?

Does San Francisco 49ers quarterback Collin Kaepernick have enough touch on his passes? Or, did Kaepernick never have that ability begin with?

Kaepernick does not have a pass completion of more than 17 yards in the last two games. The pressure is mounting on this incredible athlete to demonstrate his quarterbacking ability for a full season.

Video: Kenichi Ito breaks Guinness World Record for fastest 100 meters on all fours

For Guinness World Record Day on Thursday, there were a variety of new records broken.

Over the last several years, Guinness World Records has celebrated one day each year for those people who want to try for the record books in unusual fashion.

Todd Christensen once said the grossest thing ever

Sadly, football lost one of its great characters Wednesday when Todd Christensen passed away from complications of liver disease at 57 years old. Christensen had plenty of professional football exploits to be proud of. He was a leader on two Oakland Raiders Super Bowl winning teams and made five Pro Bowls playing tight end. As […]

It’s time to stop judging black athletes

Many people would agree that Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin is a victim of racism. It has been reported that the text messages and voice mails he received from fellow offensive lineman Richie Incognito were threatening and had racial overtones.

San Antonio Spurs and Applebee’s made for a great Veteran’s Day

I had a great Veteran’s Day yesterday. I got to enjoy a meal at Applebee’s while watching my favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs, run their record to 7-1 after beating the Philadelphia 76ers, 109-85.

The top 5 current dynasties in sports

After seeing the 38-17 dismantling of LSU on Saturday, Alabama remains the undisputed top team in college football. The Crimson Tide have carried over their form from game to game and year to year for a good while now.