As the NCAA Tournament will later tonight, the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge Names Its Champion

The Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge presented by names its winner.

Heat-Cavaliers in a Nutshell with One Picture (Minus LeBron, of course)

The following picture, from last night’s inspired Cavaliers win over the Miami Heat in Cleveland for the last time this season, gives us a pretty nice baseline when it comes to these two teams. The only important piece not pictured is that LeBron James fellow.

The Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge Presented By Reaches the Elite Eight

An update on the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge Presented By, which has reached the Elite Eight round.

March Madness 2011: Anthony Bourdain Breaks Down the 2nd/3rd Round Tournament Sites

In honor of March Madness, Travel Channel host Anthony Bourdain gives his “take” on each of the eight host cities for the 2nd/3rd rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

March Madness 2011: 6 Ways To Fill Out Your Bracket

With Selection Sunday in the books, March Madness 2011 is officially in full swing. Here are six possible ways you could go about filling out that bracket.

March Madness 2011 Daily Viewing Schedule & Links Malin Akerman Would Love

Wednesday’s March Madness 2011 Daily Viewing Schedule and links Malin Akerman would love feature the rundown of college basketball and a look around the sports world.

March Madness 2011 Daily Viewing Schedule & Links Sarah Chalke Would Love

Tuesday’s links Sarah Chalke would love feature more March Madness 2011 auto bids going out tonight, the start of the Big East tourney, and Kevin Love, now at 51-straight double-doubles.

March Madness 2011 Daily Viewing Schedule & Links Abby Elliott Would Love, Including the Crying Heat and Mark Cuban-Charlie Sheen…Bros?

Monday’s links Abby Elliott would love include our daily March Madness 2011 viewing schedule, the Heat losing late again, and Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen talking television.

Links Julianne Hough Would Love: Miserable Sports Cities, A.J. Hawk Released For Now, and Mike Bibby Holds the Key

Thursday’s links Julianne Hough would love talk about a list of miserable sports cities, A.J. Hawk’s release, for now, and Mike Bibby is the Heat’s missing piece.

Links Jamie Lynn Sigler Would Love: The Buckeyes Earn a Big Ten Title Share, the Horizon League Tourney Gets Going, and the Magic Out-Comeback the Knicks

Wednesday’s links Jamie Lynn Sigler would love include Ohio State winning a share of the Big Ten title, the start of the Horizon League tourney, and the Magic downing the Knicks.

Links Kelly Brook Would Love: The NBA Needs to Share Its Money Better, BYU’s Chance for a #1 Seed, and the Big East Will Be Well Represented in the Tourney

Tuesday’s links Kelly Brook would love include some talks about the NBA’s need for revenue sharing, BYU’s chance at a #1 seed, and the Big East in the tourney.

Links Rachel McAdams Would Love: The New New York Knicks Get An Early Statement Win, Purdue Crushes MSU, and the NCAA Tourney Bubble Takes Center Stage

Monday’s links Rachel McAdams would love include the Knicks getting a big win in Miami, Purdue crushing Michigan State, and a look at the NCAA tournament bubble.

Calling All Captains: Who Is The Sexiest Captain of All-Time?

Inspired by our current affiliation with the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge, we decided to put Erica, the official MSF Morganette, to work by having her determine who would be on her list of the sexiest captains of all-time.

Links Blake Lively Would Love: The NBA Trade Deadline Blows Up, Boston Deals Perkins, and Chicago Defeats the Heat

The Blake Lively-approved Friday links recap the crazy NBA trade deadline, including the deal sending Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder. Also, Bulls beat the Heat.

The 10 Greatest Ohio State Basketball Teams of All-Time

Because the Ohio State Buckeyes are so good this year, and because our Morganette Erica went there, we decided to take a look at the 10 greatest Ohio State basketball teams ever.