The 7 Biggest Surprises of the NFL Half-Season

This has certainly been a surprising season so far – whether its the emergence of rookies, the late-career blossoming of certain defenders, and the outright collapse of some stalwarts. And today is as good a time as any to assess what exactly has gone on during the first half of the 2012 season.

NFL Snapshots: Biggest Busts (So Far) of 2012

Now that we’re just about at the halfway point, it seemed like a good time to veer from identifying contenders to figuring out who has pissed us all off the most by defying expectations, both in fantasy and in real life.

NFL Snapshots: Ranking the QBs of Super Bowl Contenders

Having identified the contenders over the last two weeks, who actually has the leader to win it all?

NFL Week 5 Snapshots: AFC Contenders, Pretenders and Offenders

Last week, I went through the NFC to pick out which teams look like they might have legitimate championship aspirations. This week, we hit the other league. And wow…there are a lot of crappy teams in the AFC.

NFL Week 4 Snapshots: NFC Contenders, Pretenders, and Offenders

Week 4 is one of the first separation weeks of the season. We’re only at the quarter pole, and yet there are some things we can say with certainty.

NFL Week 3 Snapshots: So Apparently There WERE Games Other Than Packers-Seahawks in Week 3…

Bad refs or not, this was an insane weekend of football – one of those early season weeks where good teams are still getting settled, bad teams still have some fight left in them, and a whole host of results are going to look really weird come January. But what is going to stick? Which games from this week actually meant something?

AL MVP Debate Over, Triple Crown Or Not – Trout Is Tops

Some observers think that if Miguel Cabrera wins the Triple Crown it would be a travesty if he did not win the AL MVP. That’s utterly insane.

NFL Snapshots: Week 2 Concludes and the Backlash Begins

If Week 1 is Overreaction Week, week 2 is Backlash Week. Evan provides the backlash, plus fantasy analysis and Week 3 picks, in his latest edition of NFL Snapshots.

NFL Snapshots From Week 1: “The Phantom Menace”

Welcome to Evan’s weekly Snapshots column, where he will be taking a quick snapshot of different teams and games and players, giving rapid and uniformed responses, and generally overreacting to stupid things.

The Black Swan Theory

Evan Schwartz takes a look at some MLB players who are having black swan seasons either heading into free agency or right after earning a big contract.

Break up the Mets! Seriously.

It has been an ugly few years to be a Mets fan. Maybe not as bad as being a Royals or Pirates fan, but bad nonetheless. That’s why Evan Schwartz thinks the Mets getting back into contention this year might just be the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Top 20 NBA Ballers of My Lifetime

Evan Schwartz analyzes the NBA during his lifetime and comes up with his list of the 20 ballers he’s had the joy to watch play.

Is Moneyball money in the bank?

The “Moneyball” trailer debuted this past week, and it has Evan Schwartz wondering if the movie can somehow capture the compelling, transformative quality of Billy Beane and Michael Lewis’ book.

LeBron underwhelms (again) in “biggest game of his career”

How did LeBron respond in Game 5 with his back against the wall and D-Wade injured? LeBron passed the ball at every opportunity, half-heartedly drove the lane to try and draw fouls, and did not hit a single shot outside of the paint until midway through the 3rd. It was a disaster.