Hey, People Who Complain About Olympic ‘Spoilers’…STOP IT

This is a special message to all of you who feel it necessary to complain about people ruining the Olympics for you. I cannot believe this has to be done, but after seven days, it does.

What the Retirement of the UND ‘Fighting Sioux’ Nickname Means

On Tuesday, the state of North Dakota voted to retire the University of North Dakota nickname, the Fighting Sioux. This decision will impact the university in many ways, most notably that UND will no longer have to function under sanctions from the NCAA for having nickname that was deemed “hostile and abusive” in 2005.

MSF Misadventures: How Many MSF Writers Does It Take to Assemble a Grill?

Editor’s note: Yesterday, Chris submitted a very useful and thorough post outlining five tips for the perfect baseball tailgate. The timing was perfect because a group of MSF writers – Chris, Amanda, Tyler, Drew, and Kurt – are meeting up for this weekend’s Milwaukee-Minnesota series. And they will be, of course, tailgating. And to tailgate, […]

NFL Rumors: Vikings, Bill Parcells Marriage Would Not Make Sense

The Vikings do not need Bill Parcells. They shouldn’t even want him. Simple as that.

Kentucky-Kansas Championship Game Running Diary

Kansas fan Drew Lange provides a window into his National Championship Game viewing experience with this Kentucky-Kansas running diary.

Super Bowl 46 Drinking Game

To make things a bit more interesting this Sunday, because let’s face it no one outside of the northeast corner of America actually wants to watch this year’s Big Game, here is the official MSF Super Bowl XLVI Drinking Game.

The 11 Best Super Bowls of All Time…That Never Happened

We are less than a week out from Super Bowl XLVI, but we’ve technically already seen this game before, so what’s the fun in talking about it? Instead, let’s talk about the best Super Bowls that never happened. Drew Lange reviews the top 11 championship showdowns that never were.

Indie Christmas: The 21 Best New Songs of 2011

Indie Christmas is a great idea. As someone who listens to indie music more than anything else (other than the occasional 80s rap binge), this was something that Drew felt compelled to participate in as well. So he created his list of the 21 best new indie songs of 2011.

Unique Christmas Gift Idea: Grain Belt “Kangaroo” Hoodie

Christmas is only five days away (!) and I’m sure some of you out there still haven’t bought presents and don’t know what to get. Much like Jerod has done this year and last year, I have found a unique and very useful gift to give. I present to you, the Grain Belt “Kangaroo” Hoodie.

5 Simple Mistakes Sam Hurd Made Dealing Drugs That Prove He Never Watched ‘The Wire’ or ‘Breaking Bad’

Sam Hurd obviously never watched The Wire. If he had, he would have found very simple ways to avoid getting into trouble.

Joe Webb Is NOT A Starting Quarterback

Joe Webb is a fantastic athlete. A former quarterback at UAB, Webb was originally drafted by the Vikings as a wide receiver. He jumps really high. He runs really fast. But he is not a starting quarterback.

Assorted Balls Podcast: Interview With Former NFL Star Warrick Dunn

I earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview college football legend and former NFL star Warrick Dunn for the latest episode of the Assorted Balls podcast. We spoke with Warrick about a number of subjects, including his participation in the Crown Royal Heroes Project.

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

We as a culture of NFL writers and fans need to find something else to talk about other than Tim Tebow and Ndamukong Suh. Here are a few topics to consider, plus the Week 13 power rankings.

Dear Little Crying Vikings Girl, It doesn’t get any better…

Dear Little Crying Vikings Girl, I know how you feel. Every Vikings loss, especially to the Packers, makes me want to cry and wonder what went wrong in my life that I cheer for that team. I wish I could tell you that it gets better as a Vikings fan, but it really doesn’t.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Please indulge Drew Lange in a quick rant before he gets into this week’s Power Rankings.