Beyonce 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show – Video and Review

See the video and an instant review of Beyonce’s much-anticipated 2013 Super Bowl halftime show in New Orleans as soon as it is completed.

The Bizarro Super Bowl MVPs: 6 People Who Determined Super Bowl Outcomes … But Weren’t Properly Recognized

Here are six players who did not win the Super Bowl MVP award, but should have … in the bizarro world of this post, anyway.

Rob Parker’s Racist Comments About RG3 Stoop ESPN’s First Take To New Low

I don’t usually watch “ESPN First Take.” However, I’ve never had a real problem with what they do every morning. But the wonderful Rob Parker said something today that I just simply could not avoid getting angry about (surprise surprise).

AL MVP Debate: Cabrera’s Triple Crown Trumps Trouts Unprecedented Rookie Success

Mike Trout had arguably the greatest rookie season ever. The crazy thing though? He wasn’t the best player in the American League. That accolade goes to Miguel Cabrera, whose Triple Crown trumps Trout’s achievements.

Chuck Pagano, The Surprising Indianapolis Colts, and a Different Kind of Motivation

This team of doesn’ts and don’ts is currently sitting at 5-3 and is hanging onto a wild card spot in the AFC. Oh, and their head coach is fighting Leukemia as well. What a season it’s been so far in Indianapolis.