SNL Recap: Jonah Hill and The Shins Episode of Saturday Night Live

I was pretty excited for tonight’s episode. I have been a fan of Jonah Hill ever since he was trying to get laid in Superbad. He is a good comedy actor and I thought he did a solid job the last time he hosted. How did he do this week?

Club Trillion Founder Mark Titus Publishes New Book: Don’t Put Me In, Coach

Former Ohio State bench warmer and Club Trillion blogger Mark Titus released a new book called Don’t Put Me In, Coach.

What Was Patton Oswalt Doing On ‘Two and Half Men’ Sunday Night?

I’m a big fan of Patton Oswalt’s work, I enjoyed his book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, and I really like his stand-up. That’s why I was disappointed to find out that Patton would be appearing on one of the most lazy and stupid shows on TV: Two and a Half Men.

The 5 Best Short-Lived TV Comedies of All-Time

Community will finally make its glorious return to NBC on March 15, but no promises have been made about whether Community will be returning next season…which brings me to this list: today, I am ranking the 5 best short-lived comedies of all-time.

SNL Recap: Daniel Radcliffe and Lana Del Rey Episode of Saturday Night Live

Star of the Harry Potter film series, Daniel Radcliffe, was hosting SNL last night. He was never a fan of Harry Potter, but Brandon was pretty excited for the show anyway. Radcliffe is a big star with a big following, and the SNL cast members and writers always try and show up for such occasions. They didn’t disappoint.

Think Tim Tebow, Broncos Won Because Of Divine Intervention? Enough Already!

As all of the world knows, Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a 29-23 victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers on a marvelous 80-yard touchdown pass in overtime. But it certainly wasn’t divine intervention that led to the victory.

SNL Recap: Charles Barkley and Kelly Clarkson Episode of Saturday Night Live

SNL was back with a new episode last night, and Charles Barkley kicked of 2012 as the host. Brandon provides his usual SNL recap, running down each skit and providing video of some of the more interesting ones.

SNL Recap: The Jimmy Fallon and Michael Buble Episode of Saturday Night Live

Hosting Saturday Night Live last night was former cast member Jimmy Fallon and Michael Buble. If you have no idea who Buble is ask your mother or your aunt, and they will tell you everything you need to know about him. “He’s like a young Sinatra, and he’s so handsome.”

SNL Recap: Katy Perry and Robyn

I have always loved watching Saturday Night Live, and I thought it would be fun if I reviewed last night’s clips and told you what I thought of them. So here is my review of last night’s SNL, which was hosted by Katy Perry and featured musical guest Robyn.

My Sympathy for Colt McCoy

After watching the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Cleveland Browns 14-3 on Thursday night, I noticed a familiar sight. It was the battered Browns’ quarterback Colt McCoy, slumping his shoulders with a disappointed and depressed look on his face after yet another though loss.

Dear NBC, Please Don’t Cancel ‘Community’

As many TV comedy nerds know, Community was not featured on NBC’s midseason schedule. This leads some fans to believe that the low-rated, but critically acclaimed show will eventually be canceled. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Hey Jonathan Papelbon, It’s Not Your Fault

Okay someone had to do it.

Carlos Santana Having a Better Sophomore Season Than You Think

Last year, Carlos Santana’s promising rookie season ended early after a home plate collision at Fenway Park. Fortunately, Carlos has progressed nicely during his second season and is actually having a better season then you might think.

Check Out Barry Bonds’ Hilarious High School Photo recently released an awesome photo gallery on some famous athletes high school pictures, with the best being Barry Bonds’.

Adam Sandler’s new flick “Jack and Jill” could be his worst movie ever (which is saying something)

Adam Sandler pumps out two crappy comedies a year with his Happy Madison production company, and their only intention is making money, not making good movies. And the next Sandler flick, “Jack and Jill”, could be their worst movie yet.