Settling The Mike Trout v Miguel Cabrera AL MVP Debate: One Has Clearly Been More “Valuable” Than The Other

One has clearly been more “valuable” than the other, and Andrew Schwartz breaks down both the numbers and cuts through the B.S. and “mystique” to tell you definitively who it is.

Did You Realize … 2013 Fantasy Sleepers Edition (Pitchers)

In this week’s “Did Your Realize,” we take a look at a group of under-appreciated and/or relatively unknown pitchers who are poised for breakout years in 2013. Keep these guys in mind next March as some of the players who will likely be undervalued in next year’s fantasy drafts.

Great Britton? Is Orioles’ Surging Starter Zach Britton For Real?

Is Zach Britton’s recent dominance sustainable or it is merely “smoke and mirrors”? Who exactly is Zach Britton? Let’s take a closer look.

Did You Realize … King Felix Has Been THAT Good, Manny Machado Has Not, and The Yankees Should Bench a Legend

In today’s of Did You Realize, we look at the incredible second half being turned in by King Felix; the quick big league flameout of Orioles’ phenom Manny Machado; the resurgence of Nate McClouth; the mix bag of results turned in by Carlos Gomez; and why a baseball legend should probably sit the bench for his playoff-contending team when he returns from injury.

Enough! Stephen Strasburg’s Status Not as Critical to Nationals’ Postseason Chances As It Is Being Portrayed

Just when there seemed to be a lull in the seemingly endless Stephen Strasburg innings-limit saga, the Washington Post stirred the pot again. But here is what many are missing: Strasburg’s future status just isn’t as critical to the Nats’ future post-season success as its being portrayed.

Did You Realize … Jeter is Underrated? Beltre is Becoming First Ballot HoFer? Fernando Rodney is a Cy Young Candidate?

In today’s installment of Did You Realize, we look at how Derek Jeter has somehow become underrated; how Adrian Beltre is putting himself on a fast track to Cooperstown; how Ryan Braun is, well, Ryan Braun; how Fernando Rodney has been downright Eckersley-esque; and much, much more.

Chad Johnson: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Chad Johnson’s career as an entertainer, both on and off the field, is on life support because of an accusation that has yet to be proven. His current situation is a great example of why our justice system is set up on the principle of “innocent until guilty.” Johnson, however, is not getting the benefit of the doubt.

MLB Front Office Difference Makers: Dan Feinstein, Oakland A’s

The 2008 Rays were the most cost efficient team ever to win the World Series. The 2012 Oakland A’s are currently 2nd in MLB in cost-per-win. What is the connection between the two? Dan Feinstein.

Chris Davis, In Midst of Breakout Season, Has One Glaring Area For Improvement

Chris Davis has finally begun to translate his well-documented minor league success into his big league game. But he still has one major area for improvement.

Can The Baltimore Orioles Really Contend Into September?

On paper, the Orioles have absolutely no business being in the thick of the AL Wild Card race, and to a lesser extent, having a shot at the AL pennant. Yet they are and they do. Can they keep it up down the stretch?

Chicago White Sox Have Bounced Back, But Can They Hang On Down The Stretch?

The Chicago White Sox entered today just 1.5 games ahead of the Detroit Tigers for the division lead, but there are plenty of reasons for optimism as they boast a roster with as much if not more talent than their 2005 squad, which won the World Series.

Baseball’s Hall of Fame: A Place for Stars or a Star Chamber?

Congratulations are in order for Barry Larkin, Cooperstown’s latest inductee who was undoubtedly a Hall of Fame talent.As for the writers that voted him in? They’re collectively more of a minor league talent.

Andruw Jones: From Phenom to Journeyman to Valuable, Underrated Specialist

In 2008 when Andruw Jones hit .158 through the first couple of months of the year, I was certain he was done. It’s only now, 4 years later, that I feel comfortable admitting something that I don’t very often–that I was dead wrong.