Midwest Sports Fans was launched in August of 2008 and is a blog that will celebrate the sports teams of the Midwest, and then anything else that is relevant from the perspective of a Midwest sports fan.

There will be breaking news updates, TV schedule information, sports betting analysis, objective and completely subjective sports opinions, bickering, lampooning, Joe Tiller’s mustache, angry audio comments from Ozzie Guillen, Jim Tressel’s sweater vest, doctored photos of Charlie Weis, and so much more.

Which teams will get the most coverage? That will be entirely user driven. I will be writing a pretty good amount, and focusing on my favorite teams: Indiana University basketball, the Chicago White Sox, and the Cleveland Browns. And that’s the goal: we want people to write about the teams they love or hate, because conflict and cold-blooded, clever mockery is entertaining too. If there is a team not featured yet on our site that you would like more information about, just let us know.

If you are a fan of a team from the Midwest, and are interested in becoming a preferred author for Midwest Sports Fans, email jerod[at]midwestsportsfans[dot]com. I’ll let you know the criteria. If you just want to subscribe to Midwest Sports Fans so you can interact and leave comments, we’d love to have you.

Our goal is to build an active community of passionate sports fans that features constant, compelling content. We’d love to have you get in on the ground floor and help us build Midwest Sports Fans into the largest and most active regional sports blogging community online. Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to talking Midwest sports with you in the near future.

-Jerod Morris, Managing Editor and founder

(native of Bloomington, Indiana and proud ’04 graduate of Indiana University)


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