Report: Kyrie Irving made pitch to LeBron James

LeBron James is in the middle of making what could be the biggest decision of his professional life right now. Most experts believe the NBA’s top free agent is deciding between returning to the Miami Heat and going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He got a pitch from an important source recently.

Kyrie IrvingCavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving reportedly made a recruiting pitch to James and told him the team would give him all the help he needs. Cleveland is clearly an attractive option, with Irving and the No. 1 picks from the past two drafts (Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett) on the roster. James also loves former teammate Anderson Varejao, who is also still with the Cavs.

James’ agent Rich Paul is alsopushing his client to return to Cleveland. The Miami Heat are apparently confident they will keep James, and reportedly think his agent has an agenda to get him back to the Cavs, but don’t think that will matter in the long run.

But the fact that James got a pitch directly from Irving, who is clearly all-in with the Cavs, is very important. Irving recently signed a five-year, $90 million extension with Cleveland, which showed huge confidence in the organization.

James has a tough decision to make, as the Cavs are set up to win big in the long-term. He may have to wait a year, but that roster could contend for championships for a long time. If LeBron returned home and brought a title to his home team and the one that originally drafted him, all the fallout from “The Decision” would be completely forgiven and forgotten. He may value that more than anything.

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