Last Call for 2014 MLB All-Star Balloting

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It is last call for Major League Baseball All-Star voting, with the final deadline at midnight Eastern Time on July 3. Will voters get it right? Ever since online voting became the primary balloting method, that has mostly been the case.

A few of my selections have changed in the final week, which is why I keep some of my 35 ballots until the end. Also, it would be nice if fans could be empowered to vote for pitchers as well.

I don’t get too worked up with who is selected by the fans. Deserving players usually make the squad anyways. The following are my selections.

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  1. AJ Kaufman says:

    It is nice to read a writer who actually brings objectivity and facts into an article, rather than emotion, hype and bias like ESPN, MLB Network and Yahoo Sports.

    Yasiel Puig is barely an all-star and clearly no better than 5th or 6th among NL OF, yet led in voting until recently. Lunacy. His current stats are not in the top 6 (!) in any NL (or the top 10 in MLB) meaningful category, despite playing in the worst division in baseball by far, as you noted. I could nitpick his mental shortcomings, lack of adjustments at the play, absence of clutch hits or streaky nature, but honest fans know all this (so, probably 20%).

    Puig’s awful June has not been mentioned once in the media for obvious reasons. (Another 0-4 tonight vs a bad team.)

    Michael Brantley, overlooked elite media and playing for a team lacking any other decent hitters, is the epitome of an all-star and probably should start. He would start in the NL, and has better numbers than Yasiel Puig in nearly every category. I don’t think Colin Cowherd, Harold Reynolds or Jeff Passan know this, nor care.

    Mike Trout is indeed the best all-around player of my 30+ years watching baseball. A true gem.

    Good work.

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