Milwaukee Brewers Thriving In Dog Days of April

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Brewers win

Easter may still be a week away, but on a stormy weekend outside of Miller Park it felt like April of 1987.

With a 10-2 record the Milwaukee Brewers are off to their second-best start in franchise history, and have the best record in baseball. What is impressive is that they have done it with a difficult early schedule. The team went 6-0 on a road trip through Boston and Philadelphia before sweeping the division rival Pirates over the weekend.

While on the road, they also picked up the dinner tab for two local firefighters who attended the funeral for some fallen colleagues in Boston.

It is early, but should the Brewers somehow sweep the St. Louis Cardinals, it would result in the second 12-game winning streak in the franchise’s 46-year history (and 59 years of big league ball in Milwaukee).

Should the team just have a strong week with the Cardinals and a four-game series in Pittsburgh, it would create early separation between itself and its two most formidable division rivals.

There is no time like the present to fire on all cylinders, as a strong start was essential for the team. Next week the Brewers get a possible breather with the Cubs and Padres in town. A road trip to St. Louis and Cincinnati then looms, along with a return trip by the Pirates and a visit by the New York Yankees.

At this point, bring on the best of the National League Central and American League East. Ron Roenicke’s crew is currently up to the challenge, and there are several reasons why.

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  1. Chris Callaway says:

    Great. Now you’ve jinxed the whole state and no one is going to get free George Webb’s. Way to go.

  2. Now, I did not mention the name of any hamburger chains or other pubs offering food or drink in connection to a Brewers winning streak. It’s like the no-hitter rule.

    Besides, I can show you some real burger joints.

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