Final Four Weekend: The Top Four Teams, Coaches and Games since 2000

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Florida national championship

To get you ready for the Final Four this weekend, I’ve comprised a list of the top four teams, coaches and games since the 1999-2000 season. While there are a lot of great teams and coaches to choose from, only the elite made the following lists.

Feel free to add your picks in the comments section.

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  1. Chris Richards was not a starter for the 2007 Gators. Lee Humphrey, the sharp shooting guard was the other starter. He holds the record for most 3’s in NCAA tournament history. I’d take that team any day against any team.

  2. David Roland says:

    How does the 2012 Champion Wildcats not make this list? They only lost 2 games all year and won the Championship pretty easily….with a bunch of freshmen.

  3. This guy must not like Kentucky not to include UK. They had a record of 38-2, to which one game was lost by 1 pt. They proved dominance in the tourney by beating teams by double digits to the final 4 where they beat both UL and Kansas by 8 pts. What team was more dominant in a season than that one. Then they sent 6 players to the NBA, 5 in the first round. The other teams were good, but that UK team was the first team that showed pure dominance for a season.

  4. I agree that the Duke vs Butler title game was phenomenal. I am not particularly a Duke fan, but that game left no bitter taste in my mouth. Well played by both teams and definitely memorable.

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