Minnesota Vikings: Josh Freeman was late for “numerous meetings” with team

When quarterback Josh Freeman joined the Minnesota Vikings in the middle of this season, most saw it as a puzzling signing by a desperate franchise. Now that the season is over, it’s pretty obvious that Freeman didn’t do anything to deserve his job and it would be shocking to see the now-free agent signal-caller back in the NFL in the future.

Josh FreemanReports out of Minnesota now claim that Freeman was late to “numerous meetings” during his three months with the Vikings and was “often among the last players to the facility.” That lines up perfectly with the reputation he developed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he was considered aloof and lazy.

The Buccaneers released Freeman on October 3 and the Vikings signed him on October 6, hoping he could compete for the starting job with the struggling Christian Ponder and veteran Matt Cassel. He started the team’s Week 7 game against the New York Giants (after less than two weeks with the team) and was awful.

During that Week 7 contest, Freeman clearly didn’t know how to run the team’s offense and he turned in what was probably the worst performance of any quarterback during the 2013 season. In that game, Freeman completed just 20 of 53 passes (37.7 percent), for 190 yards (3.59 yards per attempt), with no touchdowns and an interception. The Vikings lost 23-7 in what was one of the worst games to watch of the entire season.

After that game, the 25-year-old never saw the field again despite ample opportunities to usurp Ponder and Cassel.

In spite of having all the necessary physical gifts a quarterback needs to be successful in the NFL, Freeman just doesn’t seem to care about working hard or earning the trust of his teammates and coaches. He has gotten progressively worse after a solid 2010 campaign in which he threw 25 touchdowns with just six interceptions, while leading Tampa Bay to a 10-6 record.

After the terrible impression he made with the Vikings in 2013 and all the trouble he caused for the Buccaneers, it’s almost impossible for me to see a team giving Freeman a guaranteed contract for next season.

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  1. That’s unfortunate , he has potential to be a good nfl qb. In this its proven black qb don’t get the opportunity to be a backup for long. So when l see these guys blow a chance it puzzling. Vence Young a perfect example. You see backup s on some teams career backup s get in some games and look lost and you wonder , how some old starters can’t take that position. I’m a big fan of the league but it is what it is and it very foolish of some guys to blow a dream . Kids need to learn from them, how not to be. Find that inspiration within yourself, to work hard at whatever you’re in.

  2. Kurt Allen says:

    I’m shocked!

  3. I know for a fact the guy has a drinking problem. It’ll come out sooner or later, but from my single days in the Tampa bay single scene I can assure you, this guy is out late very very very often. Didn’t matter if it was during the season or not..

  4. Eric Kench says:

    I think this writer has his head up his ass with the statement that Freeman has gotten progressively worse since 2010. Freeman threw for 4000+ yards in 2012 so he has not gotten progressively worse. I think it’s the coaches.

    • Freeman threw for 4,000-plus yards in 2012, but also threw 17 interceptions (he threw just six in 2010) and his quarterback rating (a dismal 81.6) was 14.3 points lower than in 2010 (95.9). He also fumbled eight times in 2012 and his completion percentage was just 54.8 (it was 61.4 in 2010).


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