Colleagues warning Adam Gase against taking Cleveland Browns job

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase appears to be the top candidate for the vacant Cleveland Browns head coaching job, but things could have hit a major snag for the Browns.

Adam GaseAccording to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, several colleagues are warning Gase against taking the Browns job after Rob Chudzinski was fired after just one season as the coach. New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was the team’s top target but removed himself from consideration.

The 35-year-old Gase is not likely to interview before the end of the Broncos season.

The problem in Cleveland appears to be that CEO Joe Banner, general manager Mike Lombardi and owner Jimmy Haslam are not on the same page, which would make things awful for any head coach to deal with. Chudzinski went 4-12 in his one season in town and was given very little support from management early on.

The bottom line here is that the Browns don’t seem to have a coherent plan to rebuild the franchise. There is talent on the roster, but there are also Grand Canyon-sized holes all over the place.

Receiver Josh Gordon, offensive tackle Joe Thomas, tight end Jordan Cameron and linebacker D’Qwell Jackson give Cleveland a nice nucleus, but that’s not enough to build a winning product. The team needs a quarterback, running back and defensive identity. Without a well-run front office there is no way those problems will get solved.

After what happened to Chudzinski in Cleveland, it’s not surprising that people around the NFL would be telling Gase not to take the job. The franchise is just a mess right now and it needs to be fixed quickly.

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  1. Cleveland can wait for Gase but news around Denver seems to be that Gase is not ready to become a head coach.

    But if Peyton Manning is finished after this season he may have a harder time landing a head coaching job in the future if the Broncos offense declines.

    Tough spot, but I don’t see Gase leaving a good thing for Cleveland.

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