If Broncos win, Mike Adams plans emotional walk home

Mike AdamsWill Denver Broncos safety Mike Adams follow through on his plan to walk home in game uniform to his childhood home in Paterson N.J. if his team wins Super Bowl XLVIII?

If the 10-year veteran, who was originally undrafted, pulls it off it will instantly become an epic story.

According to Google Maps, the shortest distance from MetLife Stadium to Paterson is 9.4 miles and can be walked in just over three hours. It is also close to the distance some fans may be walking round-trip from their parking spot to their stadium seat on Sunday

If the Broncos win and Adams does the victory walk, it will be the greatest impromptu post-Super Bowl party ever.

Nine and a half mile treks are a walk in the park for professional athletes.

I have personally been there, missing that last bus and being forced to walk across town, dangerous neighborhoods at 2 a.m. be damned. Either wait three hours in a forsaken convenience store for a $40 cab ride, or walk eight miles. To me that choice is easy.

And even if you are not or don’t know an avid distance runner, we all end up behind those 13.1/26.2/70.3 stickers placed on the back of vehicles during rush hour every morning. There are people who inhale nine mile jogs each day.

Of course Sunday is far from a normal night for Adams. Win or lose, he will be playing his biggest football game ever, and leaving everything on the MetLife Stadium turf.

If he does follow through, it will be some sight. You can bet CNN and other media outlets would cover every step. Adams in his orange No. 20 jersey and blue helmet making the triumphant pilgrimage back to his old neighborhood during the cold, dark night. I wonder how many teammates, friends, relatives and fans will end up tagging along?

It would be the ultimate victory march. He would presumably take a break at a roadside diner for some celebration, then sometime Monday morning get inside his old home, take off his gear and crash. He has until mini-camp to rest.

He would bring awareness to the rough upbringing he and many others endure, with the majority never getting out. It will be an emotional journey many Americans could relate to.

Incidentally, 26.6 percent of Paterson’s population lives below the poverty line.

If Denver wins, there are variables. Adams has to make it through the game healthy, I mean, would he still do the walk on a sprained knee or high ankle sprain? Even after a game without a significant injury, three-plus hours on the field itself is more than a full day.

If you don’t have a rooting interest, Mike Adams’ vow might just have you cheering for the Broncos.

Here’s a picture of what a map of the walk would look like.

Adams Walk

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  1. AJ Kaufman says:

    Good article, informative. Thanks.

    What a nightmare to attend this event in person. I’m a Denver fan, but you could not pay me enough to be in NYC this week, let alone attend this game. Attending in SD 25 years ago was bad enough.

    Look for many empty seats Sunday night, despite the best matchup possible. Corporate folks partying all week ain’t crossing the Hudson to freeze until 10:30pm on a Sunday night. Silly NFL. They’re lucky the weather appears willing to cooperate.

  2. I like it when folks get together and share opinions.
    Great site, keep it up!

  3. An actually talented competitor who spent his youth playing football in the roads, Adams never knew his dad and lost to mother to malignancy 10 years prior, in his first year in the NFL, with the San Francisco 49ers.

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