Miami Dolphins to suspend Richie Incognito for remainder of season

On Sunday after a stunning 24-20 win over the New England Patriots, it leaked that the Miami Dolphins had made a decision about offensive lineman Richie Incognito’s future with the team.

Richie IncognitoFOX Sports’ Jay Glazer is reporting that the Dolphins plan on giving Incognito a paid absence for the rest of the season. Glazer says that a final decision will be made on Monday, but Incognito is almost certainly done with the team.

The Dolphins improved to 8-6 win a phenomenal upset victory over the Patriots on Sunday and the feeling around the franchise has to be incredibly upbeat right now. It’s probably in everyone’s best interests to just shelve Incognito for the rest of the season so the team doesn’t have to deal with any more questions surrounding his alleged bullying of fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.

Incognito has been suspended since November 3, and missed the first two games of his suspension with pay. He then worked out a deal with the Dolphins last month to continue his suspension with pay while the NFL investigated it. Martin left the team in late October and has not returned, and his future with the team is also still in question.

Incognito had been a problem during his several other stops in the NFL, so his behavior with the Dolphins wasn’t surprising to anyone who knows his history. That said, if teams around the league still believe he can play, you can bet that he’ll find a team willing to give him a shot next season. But at this point it’s safe to say he’s done in Miami.

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