Did Tom Brady purposely avoid shaking hands with Cam Newton?

I guess I saw the end of the game a little differently last night. I thought Tom Brady did a classless thing by avoiding shaking hands with Cam Newton after the game.

Brady went to argue the game’s final call with the referee rather than engage in sportsmanship. The Patriots lost to the Panthers 24-20 and the final play of the game is embroiled in controversy.

It’s not mandatory that quarterbacks shake hands after a game, but it is the classy move to do. Mostly, I’ve seen quarterbacks who know each other or are in the division seek each other out to shake hands. Typically, it is just part of the postgame ritual.

I think the controversial call to finish the game was the right one. I think the mistake the officials made was not explaining things properly to the crowd.

Now, it is easy to say that Brady was in the heat of the moment and should be forgiven for not seeking out Newton. But I happen to think he used the call to purposely avoid giving any credit or kudos to Newton or other Carolina players.

I realize I may be in the minority on this one, but the whole thing struck me as convenient for Brady to not accept the officials’ decision and try to make a big deal out of it.

I also think Cam Newton rubs a lot of people the wrong way. He is probably the least likable of the emerging young quarterbacks. Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Collin Kaepernick come across as far more humble than Newton.

Newton is all about him to some degree. He’s the guy with the Superman touchdown celebration and he wears a No. 1 jersey to remind everyone he was the top pick in the 2011 draft. Let’s face it, he’s cocky and thinks he’s great.

The truth is that Newton is a great football player and could win more Super Bowls than any of the other young-gun quarterbacks. I say this because I believe he will have the longest career and I think his body will hold up better than the others.

This was the first time Brady and Newton have matched up in an NFL game. They do know each other pretty well after cutting an Under Armour commercial together in 2011. Check it out below:

Whether Brady wants to accept it or not, Newton is a big up and comer. It appears Brady likes Newton just fine from the video. I think Brady snuck out of the stadium and didn’t give Newton the respect he deserves and earned because he doesn’t want to admit defeat. He was being a sore loser.

Brady is the one with three Super Bowl wins. He’s the veteran in the league and should be setting the example. He could have stayed after to let Newton know that his three touchdown passes and 62 yards rushing were pretty good and good luck for the rest of the season, and say that hopefully they would see each other again in February.

Howard Alperin is Managing Editor of AmericanizeSoccer.com

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  1. I’m a panther fan and I doubt he used the call to not shake his hand.

  2. I agree with Michael… And I also take exception people who say that Cam is “all about Cam.” Is the guy confident? Sure. And he’s earned the right to be. But no one is harder on Cam Newton than Cam Newton himself, and he isn’t afraid to admit to his shortcomings publicly. Also, for anyone who takes the time to actually find out, the guy goes out of his way to make sure that his teammates get the credit they deserve. He’s still figuring things out at 24 years old, and I think he tried to do too much in his first two years because he truly did have to put his teams on his back the previous two years (Blinn and Auburn).

  3. Howard M Alperin says:

    @Michelle, Fair point. I’m warming up to Cam. I agree that he is still young.

  4. Thanks, Howard… and by the way, Cam wears #1 because Jimmy Clausen wouldn’t relinquish #2 (even for a reasonable payment) when Cam arrived.

  5. A couple of things,,,, If the roles were reverse we would’ve heard nothing about the call and everything about how Cam was being immature in not shaking Brady’s hand and arguing and cursing at the ref. I would even stand to guess that if it was Cam he would’ve been fined for following the ref and cursing at him. But because it was Brady, you are the only writer that I’ve seen to even mention it.Although many writers spoke about it when he did it against the JETS. That’s right. Brady has walked off the field without shaking hands in 2 out of their 3 loses. I used to really like Brady, but something has happened to him in the past five years where he thinks he deserves everything automatically.

    Secondly Cam actually wanted his career number #2 but clausen had it. Being the number one pick he could’ve paid or demanded that number but he didn’t. The panthers assigned him the number one and it would’ve sucked to change it two years later.

  6. First, I do not think that Brady was using the non call to not shake hands. Brady is super competitive and was clearly angry that the ref(s) made a non call. Is it just me, but shouldn’t the NFL review calls like that, especially at the end of the game? Clearly, the refs got that call wrong. Gronk was clearly held and pushed out of where he might have caught the ball for a game winning score.

    Also, you say that Newton is a great player. Greatness is determined only after several years. For example, was Bo Jackson a really good player or was he a great player? Newton is a good to very good player now and may be a great player some day, given the right circumstances. Thanks for listening.

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