Robinson Cano: New York Yankees won’t pay second baseman $300 million

New York Yankees president Randy Levine sent a stern message to the representatives of Robinson Cano on Tuesday: we aren’t going to pay you what you want. Cano’s agent, Jay Z, and his team are holding on to their demand for a 10-year, $310 million contract. That’s clearly not going to happen with the Yankees.

Levine told the following on Tuesday:

We want Robbie back. We think Robbie is terrific. But we have no interest in doing any 10-year deals and no interest in paying $300 million to any player. Until he gets a little more realistic, we have nothing to talk about.

Robinson CanoOn Monday, Cano’s agents, Brodie Van Wagenen of CAA and Jay Z, were holding firm that they wanted their client to get the biggest contract in baseball history. Alex Rodriguez signed a 10-year, $275 million deal (with $30 million in potential performance bonuses) following the 2007 season.

Jay Z met with New York Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, general manager Sandy Alderson and assistant GM John Ricco on Monday night. Despite that meeting, there’s very little chance Cano signs with the Mets.

Cano’s agents are seeking to market him as the next Michael Jordan-type athlete. Someone who transcends sports and becomes a gigantic, worldwide brad.

The Yankees have said they want to bring Cano back, but it is clear they have zero interest in signing him for that long. They have reportedly offered him a deal between five to seven years for around $160 million, or an average of $23 million per year. Personally, I think that’s the best deal he’s going to get.

I believe Cano is the best second baseman in baseball, but there is no way he deserves to be the game’s highest paid player.

Cano just turned 31 and this season he hit .314 with 27 home runs and 107 RBIs. His WAR of 7.6 ranked fifth in all of baseball. He is a five-time All-Star, has won two Gold Gloves and five Silver Sluggers.

For his career, Cano has hit .309 with a .859 OPS, 204 home runs, 822 RBIs and 1,649 hits over his nine seasons. Still, he’s not worth $310 million.

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  1. Take a stand NY….Don’t sign him…move on….you’ve always been trendsetters NY Yanks…
    start a new trend for greedy guys like cano….

  2. Evelyn Valerio says:

    Cano is not worth all that money he is asking for, cano is not a hassle , Sometime he is too late back. Nobody is Worth that kind of money. The yankees Should not paid one player all the money .if I was the Yankees own , I will forget about having superstar Plays. You Need to forget about Robinson cano He is too greedy , And let him go he Not worth it. Sign anthor player for less money. Love the yankees

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