Rob Ryan’s reaction to Tom Brady’s game-winning touchdown pass is priceless

Tom Brady did it again. On Sunday afternoon against the New Orleans Saints, Brady led his New England Patriots back to a win late in the fourth quarter.

Trailing 27-23 with no timeouts left, Brady and the Patriots took over at their own 30-yard-line with 1:13 remaining. Eight plays later Brady lofted a perfect, 17-yard touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins in the back of the end zone. That pass gave Brady 342 career passing touchdowns and tied him with Fran Tarkenton for fourth-place in NFL history.

While that was all pretty damn amazing, nothing can come close to topping the perfect reaction from Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Enjoy a gif of Ryan’s reaction below.

Rob Ryan reaction

God that’s priceless.

That score and extra point gave the Patriots a 30-27 lead. The Saints fumbled the ensuing kickoff as time ran out. Both teams are now 5-1.

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  1. Sharing the sentiments of everyone who had Saints +2 1/2…

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that just made my day!

  3. rob needs to be paid more, so that he can afford a haricut.

  4. I didn’t see the Game. But, If went to a soft defense (prevent defense). Play off the receiver’s, just to keep the ball in front of them. Then it is hi fault.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Rob Ryan. But defensive Coordinators lose games with this tactic.

    Personally I hate the soft defense. They should be up in the receiver’s face and hit them thin the five yards to throw them off their routes.

    That’s just my opinion!!!

  5. CowboysForever says:

    This is beyond hilarious!! He looks like he’s thinking…”naaaaaaah. Ahhhhh come on.” He looks bitterly disgusted. And even more funny while his eyes are closed.

  6. Yeah it sucked, but this is still the basic group that was the worst defense EVER last season, Ryan and the D will learn. WHO DAT!!!!

  7. The face was probably made because of the 3 timeouts the Patriots took in 2:36 left in the game when really they only have 2 left

  8. We just love RR; you never have to wonder what he is thinking of feeling!

  9. patriot need these refs they might win the superbowl…

  10. saints got ripped off… must be that north liberal ref stuff

  11. The Refs had nothing to do with this win.. Saints where beat plan and simple.. Everybody thought N.O was going to come in and walk all over the Pats well I guess you got a big surprise didn’t you???

  12. Nobody got ripped off in this game N.O is a marked team for the shit they pulled last season by being headhunters O well life is a bitch seems nobody wants to give N.E any credit no time outs and 1.13 on the clock 80 yards to go sorry N.O screwed themselves go bury your heads you had your chance..

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