Fantasy Football 2013: Week 7 sleepers


Brian Hartline is so hot right now, he’s having to resort to spraying ice cold water on his own head just to live comfortably. You should take advantage of this and pick him up for your fantasy football squadrons. (Image credit: Joe Rimkus Jr. / Miami Herald via Palm Beach Post)

Entering the midway checkpoint of the 2013 fantasy football season, it’s time to start winning if you haven’t been able to do so thus far.

And as a result, finding capable sleepers for a competitive advantage will not only help rack up wins, but get your points up there as well. Given that points scored is a major tie-break edge toward the end of the season, notching that double whammy between wins and points will save pressure from mounting during Weeks 10 through 13.

Moving forward now, let’s see who is worth the sleeper start for this week’s action.


Cecil Shorts: WR, Jacksonville Jaguars (vs. San Diego Chargers)

Here’s why Cecil Shorts is a strong play in Week 7, according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Times-UnionChad Henne is expected to start for Jacksonville against San Diego:

Chad Henne will start for the Jaguars Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.

Henne, clearly the better signal-caller compared to Blaine Gabbert, he gives Shorts increased odds of putting up sound numbers this week. For one, Shorts leads the Jaguars in receiving yards, targets, receptions and yards after the catch. Factor in the Chargers ranking 25th in pass defense and Shorts will make plays to bolster Jacksonville’s offense.


Brian Hartline: WR, Miami Dolphins (vs. Buffalo Bills)

One of the unsung heroes of the Miami Dolphins offense is Brian Hartline. Leading the Dolphins right now with 332 receiving yards, 25 receptions and 16 first-downs, Hartline has made a strong case as Ryan Tannehill’s No. 1 target. He has also played consistently this season, but is going overlooked due to the big play impact of Mike Wallace, not to mention New England remaining atop the AFC East.

Hartline and co. host the Buffalo Bills this week. And although the Bills are an improved team in every phase, their defense still ranks 22nd against the pass and has allowed 12 passing scores thus far in 2013. Given that Miami’s offense is more pass-oriented, starting Hartline at the No. 2 receiver or flex spot will pay dividends in Week 7.


T.Y. Hilton: WR, Indianapolis Colts (vs. Denver Broncos)

We’re going with the receiver hat-trick for Week 7, because T.Y Hilton and the Indianapolis Colts face a vulnerable Denver Broncos defense on Sunday night.

First off, Denver ranks dead last in pass defense and has already allowed 11 passing touchdowns. Plus the Broncos’ schedule hasn’t been overly difficult either and Indy will be their toughest challenge yet.

Regardless of Von Miller’s impact in his first game back, the Colts still offer sound pass protection for Andrew Luck, and his mobility will play a role in Hilton’s production. Luck will either have time to survey or he’ll just buy time with his athleticism. When you add in Hilton’s acceleration and route-running and Denver won’t be able to constantly lock him down all game long.


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  1. Cecil Shorts? Really? Ever hear of a guy named Justin Blackmon? Ever try to play with a painful sprained sternoclavicular joint in an NFL football game?

    How do you recommend a guy who is injured, citing a bunch of targets and receiving totals when the #1 guy was suspended? Needless to say, if there’s a guy in Jacksonville that is the WR to play/own, it’s Blackmon. In the two weeks back, he’s had 19 catches for 326 yards and 1 TD. That’s compared to 411 yards and 1 TD in 4 less games than Shorts!

    The other two guys I’d say are good candidates for productive weeks, but all three of these guys (including Blackmon) are not sleepers at all. Try finding a player that is not on the WR3 radar at all before calling them a “sleeper”.

  2. John Rozum says:

    thanks for the comment Keith it is much appreciated. That said, Blackmon is definitely a nice fantasy option, but he’s way more noticeable than a sleeper. For one, he was a top 10 draft pick and is finally producing numbers that are expected of him. Which puts Shorts on the back burner by comparison.

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