2013 NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

Photo: Joe Amon, The Denver Post

Photo: Joe Amon, The Denver Post

There is a little bit of a shakeup in the 2013 NFL power rankings after Week 3.

There is not much of a change at the top leading into Week 4 as the Seahawks and Broncos each rolled to a third win. Interestingly enough, we have three NFC contenders (San Francisco, Atlanta, Green Bay) that each sport a 1-2 record.

It’s reasonable to anticipate those teams getting back on track. But that’s still a surprise even early in the season. To that end, let’s venture on to the complete rankings as we near the end of September.


1. Seattle Seahawks 3-0, (last week: 1)

Seattle continued to roll and remains pro football’s top team.

2. Denver Broncos 3-0, (last week: 2)

Denver looked like it hit the cruise control button in the fourth quarter on Monday. And we’re already half=way through Von Miller’s suspension.

3. New England Patriots 3-0, (last week: 7)

As expected, the Patriots are off to a strong start. As long as Tom Brady remains as this offense’s conductor, New England will be fine.

4. New Orleans Saints 3-0, (last week:10)

Not only is New Orleans’ offense maintaining its high-powered attack, but the defense is putting the Saints on the Super Bowl map.

5. Baltimore Ravens 2-1, (last week: 8)

After edging by the Browns last week, Baltimore took to new heights by slamming the Texans.

6. Houston Texans 2-1, (last week: 4)

For the Texans’ sake, lets hope Week 3 served as a wake up call.

7. San Francisco 49ers 1-2, (last week: 3)

Jim Harbaugh got suplexed by his former quarterback Andrew Luck. Colin Kaepernick has been outplayed in two straight games.

8. Chicago Bears 3-0, (last week: 10)

How legit are the Bears? They’re looking good so far, but two of their three wins have come over teams with zero wins (Minnesota, Pittsburgh).

9. Miami Dolphins 3-0, (last week: 16)

Miami has gotten better with each passing week. Week 4 in New Orleans will certainly tell us a lot about who the Dolphins really are.

10. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1, (last week: 11)

With Cincy’s lone loss coming on the road in Chicago, a comeback win over Green Bay shows the Bengals are for real.

11. Indianapolis Colts 2-1, (last week: 12)

After getting upended by Miami last week, Indy got an impressive road win over San Francisco. Now the Colts must keep the momentum going.

12. Atlanta Falcons 1-2, (last week: 5)

Atlanta’s offense hasn’t been nearly as explosive as in 2012. And hosting the Patriots this week doesn’t make anything easier.

13. Green Bay Packers 1-2, (last week: 6)

Two tough road losses have the cheese below .500. But an early bye week will hopefully allow the Pack to refocus and get healthy.

14. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0, (last week: 14)

Three weeks, three wins and the Chiefs have already surpassed 2012’s win total. But are they for real? Wins over Jacksonville and Philly were needed, but don’t help the strength of schedule.

15. Dallas Cowboys 2-1, (last week: 15)

Dallas is the best team in the NFC East. Finding consistency, however, must occur for Big D to emerge as a legit NFC contender.

16. Tennessee Titans, 2-1, (last week: 18)

Tennessee is a heart-breaking loss in Houston from sporting a perfect record. Watch out for the Titans as 2013 progresses.

17. Detroit Lions 2-1, (last week: 17)

Another confidence-building win for Detroit over Washington. But overcoming the Packers and Bears will be a different challenge.

18. St. Louis Rams 1-2, (last week: 13)

St. Louis continues to struggle at controlling the line of scrimmage. If that keeps up, 2013 will end in disappointment.

19. Carolina Panthers 1-2, (last week: 25)

Carolina came together in Week 3 against the Giants. With a Week 4 bye, the Panthers have time to prepare for some winnable upcoming games.

20. New York Jets 2-1, (last week: 28)

Geno Smith is faring well thus far. That said, the Jets will be tested this week on the road against Tennessee.

21. Buffalo Bills 1-2, (last week: 20)

Buffalo continues to be awful defensively, and the offense isn’t quite explosive enough to rev up the tempo.

22. Minnesota Vikings 0-3, (last week: 19)

It’s not Minnesota’s offense. Defensively the Vikings have allowed nearly 30 points per game. The Bears had a pick-six in Week 2, or that average would be even higher.

23. San Diego Chargers 1-2, (last week: 23)

San Diego has proven it can play well on the road. Week 4 will be telling as it’s a winnable game at home against Dallas.

24. Arizona Cardinals 1-2, (last week: 24)

Arizona simply ran into the buzzsaw that is New Orleans on Sunday. Nevertheless, the Cardinals need to get more from their ground game.

25. Philadelphia Eagles 1-2, (last week: 21)

Turnover, turnovers, turnovers. Philadelphia gave it up five times against K.C., which obviously played a massive role in the Eagles’ second loss.

26. Washington Redskins 0-3, (last week: 22)

Until Washington decides to play defense for a full 60 minutes, the Redskins have no chance to repeat as division champs.

27. Cleveland Browns 1-2, (last week: 31)

What a victory for Cleveland. Brian Hoyer certainly has potential and the Browns’ defense is for real.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers 0-3, (last week: 26)

Each week has gotten worse for Pittsburgh. Against Chicago, the Steelers turned it over six times and had zero ground game.

29. New York Giants 0-3, (last week: 27)

Week 3’s 38-0 loss to Carolina has New York in panic mode. The Giants are falling fast and don’t have the defense to slow anyone down.

30. Oakland Raiders 1-2, (last week: 30)

The good news is that Terrelle Pryor appears to have developed some as a pocket passer. That’s the only silver lining in Oakland (no pun intended).

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-3, (last week: 29)

Tampa Bay averages just over 11 points per game right now. In a league that sees more high-scoring affairs each year, the Buccaneers are going in the wrong direction.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-3, (last week: 32)

Can’t fault the Jaguars for getting bulldozed on the road in Seattle.


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